Ferrero Rocher - stick your doorbell up your ass!

I am so sick of this fucking commercial!!! The doorbell rings, the guests come in to the holiday party… My dogs think it is our doorbell! I actually have to open the damned door to show them no one is there! Still, Ernie will grumble and bark a little more.

Please, for the love of Og, STOP WITH THE DOORBELL! I don’t even have time to mute it - it’s the very first thing in the commercial.

Millions of dog owners will appreciate it. One owner’s plea.

Along those lines I hate radio ads with car horns. I always end up looking around to see what I did. Pisses me off every time.

Look closer…it’s actually supposed to be one dog’s plea.

Which I find to be a thoroughly smackworthy thing to do, by the by.

Ooh, or sirens in a rap song?! Hate those too. :mad:

Sirens, phones ringing all of the above. Doorbells don’t do it for me 'cause I don’t recall having one that worked, ever.

Can I just pit Ferrero Rocher, on general principles? I’m sorry, but your holiday ads trying to produce a high-class aura around your candy don’t fly when they’re sold on the freaking counter at Sheetz. Thank you.

You’re right! I did actually read it, too. Way too cutesie - but it was the only thing that came up when I googled “ferrero rocher chocolate doorbell commercial.” :smiley: I was looking for a Youtube clip.

I’m happy that my dog is so dirt stupid that he has never associated the door bell with people being at the door.

Ugh. These guys, and Domino’s Pizza. We got a new doorbell with a different chime, but I still have to tell the dogs, “It’s on TV” every time one of those damn commercials comes on.

Hell yeah! Doorbell commercials are the bane of my cats’ existence.

Would it kill the Op to give the dog some ferrero rocher?

…wait, let me rephrase that…

Maybe there’s a good pet semetary in Maine…?

I got fooled by a Mythbusters episode…the one where they’re trying to see if a butane lighter will explode in the dryer? Well, I was doing laundry, and earlier today, I was reading (and posting) in the “What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Put in the Washer” thread…I jumped up and ran for the dryer before realizing the thump was on the tv. :smack:

And intros to radio traffic reports that feature blaring horns.

Is this a different ad than the “Deck the Halls” one? That’s the only one I’ve seen this year, and I thought it was kind of clever. But, then again, I usually think fourth wall jokes are clever.

I haven’t seen the commercial, but our doorbell sounds exactly like Frasier’s. At least the dog thinks so.

NPR news loves to use a few seconds of traffic noises to lead into their field reports to indicate that they’re reporting from some place with actual traffic. I hate that. But at least NPR never played that insurance commercial that started with the sounds of squealing brakes, crunching metal, and breaking glass!

I actually sent them an email complaining about this after the 50th time I was frantically searching my mirrors for the wailing firetruck that wasn’t behind me. They sent me a nice response and seem to do it a little bit less.