Fertility & Clomid (Chlomid)

I’m starting my first round of clomid after 8 years of unexplained infertility with only one pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage.

My doctor pretty much explained how the drug works, risks & advantages, as well as the possibility of twins, but what he didn’t explain is…well, basically, when to have sex lol

Anyone out there been on clomid? Should I be plotting a basal chart and going about predicting that way? Should I buy an ovulation predictor?

I will ask my doctor is no one here has any insite, he’s just so damn hard to get a hold of.


The doctor father of a friend of mine said recently that the best advice he gave couples trying for a baby was to ignore trying to do it to schedule, but to have lots of sex, and enjoy it. The woman’s orgasm supposedly increases the chances of conception. He also said something I can’t quite remember about (sex? orgasm?) triggering ovulation.

But if you are on special drugs you may have to do it to schedule, I don’t know.

Lady Venom, I belong to another forum that might be able to offer advice and support. If you’d like the link, email me off the board and I’ll send it to you. My email address should be visible in my profile.

Lady Venom,

First, let me wish you the very best wishes. I hope the clomid does the trick and there’s no need to go onto to anythings tronger. FWIW, I just gave birth to a precious little boy after 3 years of unsuccessful treatments. He was conceived “au naturel.” People told me before that holding that baby in your arms for the first time takes away all the pain and frustration of infertility and it is so true. So, I wish you all the best luck! I hope that doesn’t upset you. Hearing other people’s “success stories” was always kind of hard for me but I do want to just encourage you and help you stay positive.

As unpleasant as the side-effects of clomid are, they are a dream in comparison to some other fertility meds. At this point, you’ve probably started the clomid and are experiencing the joys of hot flashes and hormonal rages. Good news: those stop when you are off the meds.

My RE (reproductive endocrinologist…aka fert. doc.) told me to be frisky every other day starting on about day 10. Continue this until you have a positive pg test or your period starts. You can have an idea if you’ve ovulated if you’re taking your basal body temp. and there are some other “signs” your body gives and might not realize it.

If you are several days late, do the test. Let me warn you in advance: The clomid can make your cycle a bit longer than usual, like 2-4 days. So, don’t rush out (if you can control yourself…I know it’s hard) and spend the $$$ on the test. I used to say that taking the test was the stimulus to make my period start. aaaarrrggghhhh… Oh, to have all that money back!

Let me recommend a book to you that explains the whole reproductive system and how it works. It’s called “Taking Charge of your Fertility.” It was invaluable to me when I was at your stage in the game. I know we all think we know how our bodies work but it was full of good information I didn’t know. Also, a very supportive website is www.inciid.org . It gives so much good information and bulletin boards for support and boards that are moderated by MDs so you can ask questions and get an authoritative answer.

Good luck.

You can also check out the Message Boards at Resolve. People there are pretty friendly and willing to answer questions.

Lady Venom -
I also tried to conceive for several years and used Clomid, among other things. I support the post by “mmm…”, but I also wanted to make sure that you are seeing an RE and not your regular gyno. I don’t care how much you like him/her, the regualr ones just don’t get it right. ANd if nothing else, it is a relief to get out of the gyno office where you are surrounded by pregnant women and go to an RE office where everyone else there is just like you. Just that fact alone can help you mentally.

If you’re on Clomid, you should be seeing your doctor to get an ultrasound to find out when you are going to ovulate, and therefore can plan sex knowing from the ultrasound. The egg only lives for 24 hours, so your fertile window is actually very small.

I would also question the “unexplained” infertility if you haven’t seen an RE. (My regular gyno said mine was unexplained, turned out to be endometriosis.)
I absolutely hated hearing people tell me to relax, but I did also conceive the natural way on an off cycle (after surgery to remove the endo, mind you), when we were relaxed and not under pressure. I had bought a big box of tampons, had no pregnancy tests in the house, canceled a vacation to be in town for the next round of meds, and so on. It’s just like anything else - Murphy’s Law says it will happen when you least expect it. My son will be two in a couple of weeks.
A man is most fertile after 48 hours, so that is the suggested interval to “try”. If you are tested and unexplained, has your partner done his round of tests? 33% of infertility is because of the woman, 33% because of the man, and the remaining 34% is a problem on both sides.
Other FYI - drinking alcohol reduces your chances of getting pregnant by 25%.
Finally, don’t let your doctor try to get you to take more than 6 months of clomid. If you do more than 6 months and never acheive pregnancy, your chances of ovarian cancer go through the roof. Regular gynos have a tendency to overlook that fact because they aren’t equipped to handle the big guns.

Best wishes for a happy result. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised your doctor prescribed Clomid before you had monitored your basal temp for a couple of months to see if you are ovulating. If you keep a chart of your basal temp you will know when you ovulate and, hence, when to have sex. forbidden donut is quite correct when she points out that Clomid bumps your cycle a couple of days each month you use it so your best guess at when you ovulate may not be very accurate.

Also, keep in mind that Clomid can cause hyperstimulation of the ovaries causing them to (temporarily) grow to an incredible size. This happened to a friend of mine and it caused severe discomfort and fluid in her pelvis. Because of this, you should see your OB/GYN between cycles to get your ovaries palpated before you start another cycle of Clomid.

I am assuming your husband has had a sperm count done already since you describe the infertility as “unexplained”. If he hasn’t, I would suggest you check that before exposing yourself to the risks and unpleasantness of Clomid.

When I used Clomid, I was already charting my temp so I didn’t have to guess when to have sex. The ovulation predictors are good too, but very expensive. If you chart your temp you can just use one to double check and you won’t have to use so many. Clomid made me very cranky so warn those near and dear to you. I only used it for two cycles because we hadn’t checked my husband’s sperm count yet. I took a month off the meds while waiting for the sperm count and got pregnant that month. Fortunately, I found out I was pregnant two days before the sperm count came back - it was very low. My husband would have been devastated if he hadn’t already knocked me up.

I’ll second the suggestion to buy a good book on the subject but do try not to become obsessed. Some of those people at Resolve can be kind of intense. Best of luck to you.

Just to clarify a few things:

I HAVE been seeing an RE. Two in fact. I have had the normal tests done and so has my husband. According to the tests, everything is fine, other than the fact that for some reason I don’t ovulate regularily, hence the Clomid.

I went on Clomid last spring, but had do deal with some pretty heavy personal issues, and stopped it.

There is some history to my infertility. 2 partners - both of them fine, but a history of this kinda thing in my family. After my divorce and remarriage, we weren’t really TRYING, but after seeing an RE and being totally…what’s the word i’m looking for here…HUMILIATED by him, I proceeded to chart my own BBT and low and behold got pregnant after 2 months. I miscarried at 11 weeks. We decided to again, not TRY, but not worry too much at this point. It’s been 2 1/2 yrs since the m/c. I found a new RE, a doctor friend of my mothers, and he’s been absolutely wonderful. Last spring after my first round of Clomid, I had all the neccesary tests done and found out that I O’d wonderfully, but that’s when I had to stop.

SOOO, to make a long story even LONGER, we’re trying again. I will be 30 this year and it’s time. I am so ready to be a mommy.

I’ve had very few side effects of the Clomid. Yesterday I was a bit crusty.

Right after I posted my OP I made a BBT of my own and have been charting. I have also checked out some sites suggested by you guys here and have learned a LOT.

Thank you VERY much for the info. I feel wiser!