Fetishes and deviant behavior

Yes its ME…AGAIN…you could tell me to get a life…or that I have too much spare time on my hands…but then youd be just like me for noticing.
The point: Input on fetishes…I know you people out there have em…so spill it…maybe we are not all so different after all.
I personally have a thing for leather and shiny fabrics as the yare applied to Womens attire. What i mena by that it I get a kick out of woment that are dressed by any of the following requirements:
the colors red or black
Silk lycra or spandex
tight things
bare shoulders
dark lipstick

<there are others but i cant remember right now>
Yes i am a deviant. and i know there are more out there so lets discuss the roots of deviancy and the reasons of fetish…

Off to MPSIMS with ye.

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