Fetishes...confusing, indeed...

I’m making this post for a couple main reasons. The first reason I have is my total lack of knowledge on why people have fetishes. I know it’s predominant in males, but I have no idea why they occur. I’ve heard many theories, like childhood fascinations and the like…but I have never heard a definitive answer. I, myself, admit to a basic foot fetish. I’ve searched for this topic itself, and I’ve found out that a lot of people like me out there have the same strange tastes as I do. So, basically, I’m posting this to get the rational input of anybody out there who has a fetish…what it is…and why they think they have it. Thank you.

People are stupid. That’s all that ever needs to be said.

In the strict sense, a fetish is an object the presence of which is not intrinsically conducive to sex but which is necessary for emotional or psychological reasons for the specific individual to function sexually.

More loosely, a fetish is anything other than the person or persons with whom one sexes that turns one on, even if the individual can function sexually without it.

More men than not are turned on by visual imagery of females (pin-ups, fashion models, pornography), probably because of how we are wired to respond to the appearance of women. With that silly and awkward situation already imposing itself on our sexuality, it isn’t much kinkier to get your sexual feelings associated with something else (a red high-heeled shoe or a pair of women’s undies or a tube of lipstick, whatever).

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Sunset… if I may suggest an interesting book: Different Loving by Gloria Brahme (unsure of publisher).

It has a good write up on fetishes, as well as covering all kinds of other sexual proclivities.

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Well, I may argue that they aren’t necessarily predominant in males. I’d agree that apparently thats the case, but it may be a mispreception. Men are more vocal and proactive about their sexuality, so they get noticed. Also men are visual and aroused by tangible things. Feet, stockings, latex, lesbians…etc. Women however are emotional and psycological in their love and lust. Women more commonly have a fetish for talking dirty, role playing, and likely elaborate mental fantasies during sex. Also womens fetishes could be argued to include the penchant for dating abusive men, and married men. Same can be said for their love of conflict and drama. The fetishes just incarnate in different forms, the womens version is just less obvious and quantifiable.

Thanks to you people for your input. Omniscient, those were very viable statements made…and you’re probably right. I wouldn’t know, but from things I’ve heard and read, that seems like a very probable situation. Andrea, I’ll check that out. Thanks again.