FF 38, I've lost access to many of little boxes used to select options on several sites

Most sites have little boxes to click ‘‘like’’ or ‘flag as spam’ or some such. I have lost many of these. Yahoo email is* unusable*. Gmail works fine. Some like SDMB appear as always. Some like Gardenweb and weather.com most options still function but the little picture is gone. Usually there is an empty rectangle where the option should be,

History: I was mindlessly running some utility like avast and it said upgrade FF to 38.0.1 which I mindlessly did. Now parts of my internet are different. Parts like Yahoo are unusable.

First, trivial perhaps, what are these little boxes called?

How would you suggest I go back to ‘‘normal’’.

Not sure if it’s related, but the upgrade disabled my “close” button under the theme I was using (BlackFox Blue). I had to change to another skin that used the standard trio of buttons to make it work again.

I suspect a hook or some overlay code is screwed up or incompatible with the new rev.

I am in the camp that thinks it’s time to wave bye-bye to Firefox. It’s gone down the path of being too big, too bloated, too complicated for an open-source tool to remain fully functional for everyone.

Those are checkboxes in HTML.

First thing to do when any browser goes awry is to disable all add-ons and restart and see how things look. If they look fine, re-enable add-ons one at a time to see if you can find the culprit.

The first step can be accomplished by Shift-clicking when starting Firefox.

Did a system restore, part of that safe mode restart and lost all my add-ons. Now I see adverts on SDMB but can use Yahoo. I think I liked it better when it wasn’t working quite right.

I cannot figure out which Firefox I now have.I’m assuming it must be 18.0.1.

Go ahead and upgrade Firefox, and install Adblock Plus.