Fiance's Anxiety Issues

This past weekend, my fiance started having anxiety issues, pretty much out of the blue. Her stomache is in knots, she can hardly eat, and she has had a nervous feeling that ebbs and flows, but hasn’t completely gone away since. We cannot think of any reason this would suddenly happen, other than the fact that she is moving into a new apartment in a couple weeks. We have also been discussing our future a little bit, and when we will get a place together, but that is still off in the not-quite-near future. She is in her mid-20s and has no prior history of anxiety problems. She has discussed it with her doctor, who gave her a few possible treatment options, but she is adamant about not taking any drugs unless she absolutely has to.

Anyway, I am worried about her and want to be able to help her through this, but I am really not sure what my role should be. I am being as supportive as I can, but having never experienced anything like this myself, it is somewhat difficult for me to grasp. Has anyone else had any similar experience from which they could share some thoughts?

I’ve never had “medical” anxiety (or if I did it didn’t get diagnosed), just the willies and stuff like that. Sometimes I get the willies for weeks, but so long as I can point to one or more reasons I’m nervous I know I’ll survive - I’ll be nervous and bouncy and up and down and all over the place until “whatever” is solved, but I have an idea how long it will last.

Breathing deeply… yelling in a place where you can yell… jumping up and down… help.