Fictional characters from real businesses/colleges near you

I was watching an old rerun of Law and Order: SVU last night, and discovered that Det. Olivia Benson graduated from Siena College, where I work.

Anyone else find this sort of thing: a fictional character who turns out to have a connection with your work or school?

One rule: leave out police departments or government agencies. Too easy. :slight_smile:

Dr. Ian Malcolm (of Jurassic Park fame) is a professor at the University of Texas, my alma mater…

Pres. Bartlett of **The West Wing ** is a fellow alum.

It seems like that always trot out U.C. Berkeley since it’s easy shorthand for hippie/leftie/intellectual/curio.

The only instance I specifically remember, though, were the two female leads who were roommates in Basic Instinct (I’m not counting movies that were shot on the campus).

Siena, huh, RealityChuck? Let’s see how they fare against our Niagara Purple Eagles this year in the Battle of Our Employers.

It wasn’t the greatest of shows, and I’m not even sure if it was actually mentioned during the course of the program, but the character of Eric Olczyk on ESPN’s “Playmakers” was from my first alma mater, Penn State.