Fidel Castro is a Troofer!

Cuba’s blogger in chief (Fidel has taken to publishing almost daily editorials in Cuba’s paper that sounds just like blog entries), just announced in his latest entry that:

“Analizando el impacto de aviones similares al proyectado contra las torres, caídos por accidente en ciudades densamente pobladas, se concluye que ningún avión se estrelló sobre el Pentágono y que sólo un proyectil pudo generar el orificio geométricamente redondo que en dicha instalación creara el supuesto avión. Tampoco aparece pasajero alguno que allí pereciera.”


“Analyzing the impact of airplanes similar to the ones that crashed into the towers, or that have fallen accidentally in densely populated cities, one must conclude that no airplane crashed into the Pentagon and that only a missile could have generated the hole, geometrically round, that the supposed airplane made. No passenger from the plane was ever found there either”

Link in spanish and in english .

I have to wonder if Fidel is really writing these things, or if this is part of a campaign to show that he is ultimately unable to govern anymore. In either case, welcome to the world of nut cases Fidel!

I wonder who he thinks shot JFK.



Has he said anything about Bin Laden’s beard?

Fidel should sign up here and we could help debunk him. He might balk at having to pay and demand editorial control, but he’d probably be really pissed at how many people have him in the Death Pool.

Hell, I’d sure be pissed if he joined. DP rules state “no Dopers on your list”, so we’d all have to remove him.