Field expedient ovens

I was wondering if there were a simple and relatively quick way to make an oven in the field. I was wondering what a backpacker or bushcrafter might do since packing in a camp stove is almost certainly out of the question (for the uninitiated, a camp stove a.k.a. a Dutch oven is a large cast iron pot with a heavy, lipped lid upon which you place additional coals and is good for stews, baking bread, etc.). It occurred to me that given sufficient time, one could make a brick oven using natural clays, etc., but this isn’t very practical. Is there another way that, say, sourdough breads could be cooked in the field?


Backpack ovens.

You can bake in a foil-lined cardboard box, using charcoal briquets. Google “cardboard” “oven” and you’ll get many tips.

For a commercial product, try googling for “Outback Oven.”

The author of this book recommends making something similar out of a coffee can.

Heck, I’ve even used a foil-lined box as a solar oven. Took a bit longer, but the coffee cake didn’t care.

Solar ovens tend to be fairly limited in the temperatures they can reach. For some foods, you can just cook them longer at a lower temperature, but not for all. You’d probably want to research specialized recipes, if you’re going that route.

I was thinking of something like a dutch oven. It is probably like a camping oven only heavier.

Outback Oven!

My dad had something similar to this when I was a kid. It folds flat and sits on a standard Coleman stove when baking. I was thinking about buying one for Burning Man to try to bake something delicious.

It’s not backpackable, but is designed for car camping.

Earth oven Simple, but maybe not so quick.

When I was a boy scout we took a square 5 gallon can and cut off one side. We rigged a removable grid that was about 1/2 way up. For the back packing trip in we stuffed a sleeping bag into the can and strapped it to my pack frame.
When dinner rolled around I set it up in front of the the fire and baked a cake in it. Worked like a champ. So I don’t see a problem with doing bread.

They work quite well. My lawyer has one that he uses every chance he gets. Nothing like the smell of freshly-baked muffins to get people out of their sleeping bags in the morning.