Fiendishly obscure question: Identify the cartoon ["Star Trek: Voyager" "Workforce: Part II]

Synopsis Almost at the end of the ep, Tom Paris is watching some cartoon (had a 1930s feel to it), and one odd-looking character is ina tree dropping something on the head of another odd-looking character.

And go. . . !

There were lots of such cartoons in the '30s. Maybe something from Disney or the Fleischer studio?

A screen shot would help…

I don’t have an answer. But here’s an imgur link to the cartoon in question:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The giant that gets the egg dropped on him seems to match the giant in the image attached to this description

Unfortunately, I don’t see the scene in the full video on YouTube.

The King’s Tailor, aka The Valiant Tailor.

And so it is! Thanks!