Fig Recipes?

I have a good friend and a next-door neighbor who have fig trees. Both of these trees are producing abundant amounts of fruit. Does anyone have any recipes for fig jam; or fig chutney? Other fruit ingredients are fine - I just need to do something with all these darn figs!

These are lovely eaten as part of an antipasto - with fresh mozzarella or proscuitto. Or as a dessert with marscapone and some honey drizzled over the top. If you want to cook them they can simply be grilled, or you could make a fig frangipane tart . For more inspiration here is a link to a fig recipe search in Cuisine, my favourite New Zealand foodie magazine. Lots of uses in salads and desserts there. Damn, I wish it was fig season here!

I try to like cooked figs, really I do. But I have to admit that I like them best eaten plain and raw, as long as they’re pulpy and sticky with sugar. A little prosciutto on the side, maybe, but that’s it.

Yay! Fig season!

I love them fresh and raw - and am stuffed right now! However, between the two trees I have so many I need to find something to do to preserve them. They don’t keep long.