Virtue! A fig! (Figgy recipes please!)

This year, for the first time, I put a proper net over the fig tree in my garden to keep the birds off.
Now I have more figs than I know what to do with.
Gave some to family, but they aren’t really pretty or sweet enough to give to neighbours.

I quite like fresh figs myself, but I haven’t quite managed to win the kids over to their charms.
So, now I’ve got a bunch of figs spoiling fast, and more on the way.

Please share some of your favourite fig-based recipes for me to experiment with.

Looks like no one gave a fig.

Yeah, I’m disappointed too. OK, first of all I like them fresh. Also, as the season ends, I dry them in my toaster convection oven, for adding to tea what I have a cold. Also, jam. Or preserves for adding to oatmeal. Martha Stewart had a tart recipe where fig halves are cooked in a custard. Other than that, I got nothin’.

Stew some quartered figs with brown sugar, a liqueur of your choice: Amaretto, Frangelico, and a cinnamon stick(some water if exceptionally dry) Cook until liquid is a thick syrup. Chill. Fold into softened vanilla ice cream. Either re-freeze, or serve forthwith.

Mashed figs and peanut butter make a very tasty sandwich. Whole wheat bread recommended.

Yeah, fig jam is AMAZING. I add less sugar than other fruit jams, as they’re already so stinking sweet. I also sometimes stir a few sprigsworth of chopped thyme into a jar.

Fig filling in an almond cake.

Trader Joe’s sells fig butter, which I really like with any strong-flavored cheese. If I had figs of my own, I’d be canning whole pints of the stuff.

Thanks all for the suggestions.
Ended up making a rather bland fig/honey/almond cake.

**Quiltguy’s **fig ice cream idea sounds rather yummy.
Might give that a try next.

I just bought a pint of figs at the expensive supermarket. I intend to roast them and eat them with coconut gelato.

Yes, fig jam! Unfortunately I rarely have enough ripe figs at once to make a batch, the local squirrels love them so much. They eat half and through the other half on the ground, making a sticky mess. :mad:

Recipe today on the NYT for a fig tart.

You must go full Aubrey Maturin and make figgy dowdy!

I’ve made it. It’s OK.

Who needs a recipe? According to D.H. Lawrence, the fig is sufficient unto itself:

Sounds like you need a recipe for fig-squirrel pie.

Now that does look yummy.

[quote=“Waltzes_with_Cacti, post:13, topic:763915”]

Who needs a recipe? According to D.H. Lawrence, the fig is sufficient unto itself:


I say!

So, I tried out **Quiltguy’s **suggestion, using some unfinished sangria in the mix.
Very easy to make and very yummy. So thanks again for this suggestion.

Not many figs left on the tree now, so I’m going to have to remember this recipe for next year. A great use for over-ripe figs.

Also, I am in very bad need of a diet.

Pizza. Fresh figs, goat’s cheese, parma ham, black pepper.