Fight Night Champion anybody?

This is a long shot but is anyone else playing this but me?

I’ll wait to gauge interest before i invest in a robust OP.

No, haven’t played it, but I’m curious. How is it different from Fight Night Round 4?

Round 4 is mostly a great game, but my only real complaint is that counter-punching is way over-powered – or, alternately, that taking the initiative is under-powered. Over the first three difficulty levels, there are multiple ways to win. At G.O.A.T., however, pretty much the only successful strategy in most fights is to forswear offense entirely, and instead rely solely upon your ability to make your opponent miss and then to counter-punch. Not only are counter-punches so much more powerful than other punches, but the AI at the hardest level is simply too good at defense: try to press the action yourself, and he’ll kill you with his own counter-punches (while what few shots of yours that do get through do no meaningful damage).

So, basically, I’m wondering if you’ve noticed the same thing about Round 4, and, if so, whether it’s any different in Champion. Thanks?