Fighting Global Warming

04-15-10, 11:56 PM

Iceland launched an assault on Global Warming, pumping tons of ash, smoke, fluoride and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

While many fear Eyjafjallajokull, mainly because they can’t pronounce it, JPL scientist note that all of the previous eruptions were precursors to more massive activity from the neighbouring Katla volcano.

The last time Eyjafjallajokull had an episode was in 1821, pouring tonnes of ash containing toxic fluoride gas into the atmosphere. It lasted not 24 hours, but until 1823, causing the deaths of many cattle and sheep through fluoride poisoning. (Industry leaders did note that the cattle had fewer cavities)

While many bemoan the cessation of air traffic due to the ash cloud, scientist say this will actually slow global warming, since air traffic is the cause of at least 15 to 20% of global warming in the arctic regions. (The amount elsewhere is still uncertain)

The ash and smoke also reflects sunlight, or at least blocks it from reaching the troposphere, further reducing global temperatures.

While Greenpeace activist celebrate Mother Earth “fighting back” against climate change, experts on volcanoes caution against too much jubilation.

“This could just be the start of a really large event, which could lower temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere by several degrees.” said one unnamed researcher. (he didn’t want his name used, because you know how the bloggers will react to that)

While Icelanders fear a drastic event could be disastrous for the area, they are welcoming the tourist, who are the only thing keeping their economy going right now.

Meanwhile in London, travelers complained about canceled flights and worried about when they could once again fly all over the planet whenever they felt like it.

In Bangladesh, farmers worried about rising sea levels celebrated the news.

A local farmer said, “If this will slow down the ocean rising and killing millions of us, then I am happy it is happening.”

Leaders cautioned that just because one volcano has erupted, this doesn’t mean we can stop fighting CO2 emissions, and urged people to remember that even if this does slow down global warming, we are still in grave danger.

Shortly before he was killed by toxic fumes, our reporter asked Eyjafjallajokull if this was motivated by a desire to help out the planet.

Eyjafjallajokull told us, “What? no, I just had to go, you know? You want to go talk to Mount Tambora, now he will put you back in to an ice age in a few years if you want.”

Oh, good. Another one of these. Yay.

You can’t deny a good old strato-volcano fights global warming

Yes a few volcanoes might help, but I don’t know that we can count on them.

One thing we know for sure, volcanoes will erupt. It’s only a matter of time. If greenhouse gases can warm the planet, we may not get a huge global cooling event the next time a Tambora level event happens.

If we do see the global cooling that follows such an event, billions may starve.

We’re going to need a really big cork.

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Science deniers hate facts and reality.

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An unexpected result of the Pinatubo eruption in 92 was that tropical plants thrived in the slightly shaded sunlight. (when it is too hot and sunny, tropical plants stop absorbing CO2 and growing), and the increased growth caused CO2 levels to fall.

Ocean fertilization (from the mineral rich dust) also caused massive growth in the oceans, which also lowered CO2 levels.

You can see the growth rate was as low as in the sixties. Combined with the drying of the upper atmosphere, just one volcano brought temperatures and CO2 levels down.

The august global mean in 1963 was 0.058
The august global mean in 1992 was -0.008

January global mean 1944 0.245
January global mean 1992 0.266
January global mean 1993 0.204

Suffice to say that FX, who you described so disparagingly here, ignores that volcano eruptions give evidence to the scientists that shows the contribution levels of human made CO2 and the actual presence and levels of the water vapor feedback.

Something that that hammer-wielding troll denies too.

Nature is also on the conspiracy! That and also finding that FX demonstrates even more loopiness elsewhere makes this thread useful to tell others very early to not follow and support this jerk troll.

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Something I’ve noticed when it comes to any discussion of “global warming” here. The alarmists are insulting, crude and ignorant of the scientific basis of climate change science, where for the most part, the skeptics are reasonable and well thought out.

Yet the foul mouthed insulting members call anyone who disagrees with them “deniers” or trolls or whatever name they can come up with.

And they can’t see what they are doing.


Priceless coming from the one that called their opponents and even scientists “fuckheads”.

Your best approach is to continue mass-posting Googlevomit, annoying non-sequiturs and sarcastic playground taunts until they see the light.

There is this wacky but interesting thing concerning efforts to cool the world, fight warming. Simple solutions are often resisted strongly by the very people that are so passionate about trying to get everyone else in the world to do something about what they see as “the problem”. The “problem” for them is obviously CO2, and nothing else. They seem to consider it the only “problem” worth wasting everyone’s time with.

Like changing the albedo of cities and roads, parking lots and homes.

Or feeding the oceans to allow algae blooms.

Reducing black carbon

Using agriculture to sequester carbon

They seem to want expensive solutions only

Using biochar is probably the biggest and cheapest and best solution anyone has ever found so far

It’s very old technology, biochar (terra perta) mounds are still productive after centuries. that it isn’t used or taught everywhere, is worse than burning fossil fuels to power your internet addiction.