Figure Skating -- US Nationals

Surely I’m not the only skating fan here – who else is psyched that nationals are tonight? Who are we all rooting for? Who else finds Sasha Cohen very, very scary? Here’s some of what I’m thinking…

Ladies I feel sorry for Sarah Hughes – she’s a good skater, but she’s Olympic champion because a) she had a fabulous skate at the exact right moment and b) a couple of other people didn’t. She’s in over her head, and though I respect her for not pulling a Tara Lipinski and turning pro (don’t get me started on Tara Lipinski), she’s got some really tough competition. Plus of course she was out with an injury most of the fall. I’m rooting for her, but it’s in this weird kind of underdog sort of way. Sasha Cohen, as I said, I find extremely scary. Michelle, last I heard, is skating – she’s got Scott Williams [second-tier pro, I’ve seen him skate, he does a lot of tricks] coaching her – interesting. Should be an interesting competition – but I’m guessing Sasha Cohen will win.

Men’s I think Timothy Goebel will only continue to improve now that he’s working with Frank Carroll. I like Matt Savoie but he’s awfully uneven. I find Michael Weiss annoying as hell. I like that black guy, Delmore, whatshisface, can’t think of his name. My money’s on Tim Goebel.

Pairs According to the latest issue of International Figure-Skating, there’s a little more to the story of Kyoko Ina refusing to take the drug test – as in there’s a question as to whether the requests were presented appropriately. Anyway, what do they care, they’re skating with Stars on Ice. Should be a free-for-all amongst the lower-ranked teams – god, I love the post-Olympic-season shakeups. (Whatever happened to the Hartsels, by the way?)

Dance Bah, I’m an American, who cares?