Figure *ths* dream out....i can't

i had a rather strange dream last night, one of those rare dreams where you wake up seething with rage and ready to snap at the slightest provocation, the scary thing is it felt so real i have to tell myself it was a dream…

for some reason, i decided to drive to the local town meeting (i’m not political in the least, so this was the first strange thing…)

while i was at the town meeting, listening to a very heated debate on property rights, i decided to go outside…

where i found that all the cars in the parking lot were gone, towed away, i stormed back in, demanding to know what happened to all the cars

“oh, we’ve decided to ban cars in the town, you’ll all have to walk or bike to work, it’s healthier for you and the environment”

at this point, i was on the verge of going postal, demanding them return my car or i’d report it stolen, i may have gotten to the point of attacking the senator and representative, calling them car thieves and vowing that their political carreer was over

i stormed out of the town hall, and grabbed my bike (which somehow magically appeared in the parking lot while i was verbally berating the politicians) and rode home…

where Lewis Black was visiting for some reason, i told him about the town meeting and suggest he add it to his act, thinking he could guilt-trip the car thieves, errr…politicians into returning our cars

i biked back to the town hall with a .50 cal sniper rifle, and climbed up into the tower of the local church, directly across from the town hall and began to wait…

at this point, i woke up, completely pissed off and ready to go postal, i’m still angry now, even though i know it was just a dream…

okay, what does this dream mean? it’s got me stumped

(well what does it mean, other than i’m psychotic :wink: )

IMNAS, but I think you might be having issues with feeling you “have” to live a healthier lifestyle. Did someone suggest that you start exercizing more or stop driving. Or are you angry about the higher gas prices? You’re ready to go postal over feeling “forced” to exercize or pay more for gas.

I’m the same way. I have these incredibly angry, violent dreams, though I think in real life I’m a very calm person, and almost pacifisitic. You know how people say, “I felt like smacking him!”? I never feel like that, really. I will playfully swat friends and stuff, but actually hit someone in anger? It never even occurs to me. When I was the angriest I have ever been with a human being in the past, like, five years was when this guy said something incredibly sexist and infuriating to me, and my response was to say “Excuse me?” Everyone in the room said they thought I was going hit him—and that it would have been perfectly justified—but I had no violent urge at the time whatsoever, just righteous indigniation.

But regularly in dreams I go apeshit on people, screaming at them and wailing on them with my fists. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about shooting people, but I’ve never really handled firearms.

I wake up angry, too, just like you.

I figger there are deep, primitive parts of the brain that are dedicated to being violent and angry, so that we can respond to physical threats. Civilization is just a bright, shiny, and disturbingly thin veneer over that.

I had a dream that I was the town councilman, and I had this great idea I thought everyone would support about making the environment better, and improving people’s health.

The town meeting was going fairly well, some oppostion, one nut job screamed something and left but no one paid him much attention.

As the meeting broke up, I was walking for the door, when just outside people started screaming. I responded by running out to see what the clatter was for, and woke up.

but what gives you the right to STEAL OUR CARS, if you want to ban them, fine, ban them, but they are our personal property and you have NO right to confiscate them, my driving record is clean, i don’t speed, you have NO RIGHT to take property that does not belong to you, get the point, car thief?

i know why you stole them, you’re worried about losing tax revenue when people start leaving the town due to your bizzare little fantasy…

i have no problem with biking, i love to bike, heck, i have 3 bikes and the hardest decision is deciding which one to ride when i go out for a ride

as far as biking to work, it’s not practical for me, as i work too far away to bike to it, your THEFT of my car directly affects my ability to get to work

return the cars or suffer the consequences…
(Heh, this could be fun :wink: )