Do You Ever Fantasize About Hurting People?

Have you ever been so angry with a person that you have fantasized about doing them some form of bodily harm? Do you consider this type of thought process to be normal??

What did the person do to you in order for you to have this reaction? Did they steal from you, lie to you, humiliate you, cheat on you, or did they just ‘look at you wrong’??

And what are the specific details of the most malevolent vengeance fantasy you have ever had?


I fantasize about ramming into other cars when they cut me off or do some other rude thing. I couldn’t care less that I’m in a tiny Saturn, I still want to just ram it up someone’s ass.

Yeah, I have a little bit of road rage. :smiley:

I hate bullies.

Those who abuse and humiliate women and children in particular.

I fantasize hearing screaming and crying in a fictional apartment building…I suddenly kick the door in, the husband/father sees me violate HIS REALM, and decides hes gonna teach ME a lesson, whereas I slam a punch to his mouth and knock most of his teeth out. We scrabble in the hallway and down the flight of stairs, gathering a crowd along the way, wanting to see how this stranger and asshole fares. We’re finally out on the street, where we have a lot of arm and leg swinning room, and we let loose. As expected, he dosen’t know how to handle someone actually capable of fighting back. He swings and I catch the fist in the palm of my hand. I wrench his arm and karate chop the elbow, snapping the chondoyle (sp?) After knocking on his ass, I kick him in the ribs, snapping about half of them, and finish him by kicking him in the face. As he lays moaning and wimpering, I whip out my johnson and piss on him in the street.

GodDAMN I’m evil when I get mad.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Yes. See here :mad:

Even when I think about the people who have hurt me the most, picturing their faces screaming in pain and crying makes me feel ill. I don’t fantasize revenge scenarios. I fantasize about making amends.

::goes back to reading the works of the Dalai Lama::

I do the same, except that in some instances I will do my best to cut off the offending idiot when I get my chance (normally by passing on the right when said idiot, after cutting me off, slows down in the left lane).


And, frankly, I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t clicked into this thread.

twicks, birthright Quaker

Darn, I thought this was going to be about S&M :frowning: .

Yeah, I usually just give the finger and cuss and scream. I also do this when people are going really slow in front of me. I swear, one day…

I also fantasize about hired goons. Disclaimer: I do not have any goons, nor do I plan to hire any, but there are a few people who make me mad enough that I’d love to see them get their teeth knocked in or their eyes blacked.

My daughter’s dad is someone who could use an ass beating. He frustrates me continually and cannot comprehend logic. And the guy who stalked/threatened me for two years would also be a prime target for my non-existant goons. He could use some pain. It’s usually people who make me feel helpless that I’d like to use violence against. I hate the feeling of someone trying to control me.

Are you kidding?

In fantasy land I am Death Incarnate.

I’m the Incredible Hulk!

I pick up large cars and hurl them at people.

I pick telephone poles out of the ground like they were dandylions and then swing them like baseball bats.
And when I say Fnatasy Land I mean Fantasy Land. Really! Those kids who cut in front of me for Dumbo should know better.

Only the people who run these ads:

Occasionally I imagine myself cracking someone in the chops. But then I feel bad. Even in my imagination.

Stupid over-active conscience. :mad: :smiley:

Sure I do. Nice to know I’m not the only one, though. I certainly didn’t think of it as normal. The trivial stuff doesn’t bother me. Just about all of this kind of rage is spent on one rapist who I guess I’ll never touch.

That took half an hour to type.

Quite Often. If it weren’t illegal, I’d drag a half a dozen people a day into the street and beat them like dusty rugs. I come across too many people who would benefit from a beating, and quite frankly, it saddens me that I cannot issue it without loads of paperwork and subsequent investigations.

Shit, I fantasize about personally slaughtering every living human on the planet, standing astride their mountains of twisted and shredded remains, screaming in triumph.

Hell, I jerk off to that.

When I was an adolescent, and I was being bullied, or hurt, yes. But usually it was more in such a way that would scare the crap out of them have them begging for mercy.

Think of Stephen King’s Carrie. Only I wouldn’t torture them in excessive bloody ways so much as maybe, oh, humiliate them by yanking their pants down in public, or making them stick to the ceiling while they begged me to let them down.

I can remember wanting to REALLY hurt a friend of mine after having a fight, but that was it.

I’ve never wanted to wreak bloody havoc, or stand atop the slaughtered bodies of my foes, or engage in any sort of torture at all, but I have ever really wanted to sock someone in the jaw. Not even repeatedly, just the one time would have been enough. (For the record, it involved infidelity, months of covering said infidelity up, and potentially exposing me to an STD. Not noble reasons, necessarily, but I was really pissed off at the time.)

Sir, I wish to subscribe to your newsletter and/or religion.

Anyway…Hell yeah, I’ve had my share of revenge fantasies. Or vigilante fantasies. Or moments where I wish that I had some grossly illegal military hardware available in my car when some dickwad’s puttering along in front of me going 15 mph slower than the speed limit when I’ve got an appointment I need to get to, so I could unload round after round of blazing steel death into their pathetic huu-man

But, for the record, I should note that I’ve never killed anything larger than an insect, and I’ve never gotten in a fight. Nor do I lose my temper. I just channel most of my aggression into forms harmless to the real world.

You mean, there are people who don’t?

Huh, learn something new everyday here.

Since I just went to traffic school, I’m trying not to give into the road rage thing (no, I wasn’t pulled over for that but they cover it), though it is very tempting and I understand the impulse completely.

When I was a contract negotiator and still teaching at a college which I just dumped a month ago, I damn near wanted to grab every administrator by the throat and toss them down the stairs. Thank goodness the negotiations finally ended and I quit. It’s an awful thing to harbor feelings like that for months on end.