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Mine is putting girl scout cookies in your pocket and saving them for later. It just doesn’t work.

Copying the cool kids’ way of stopping their brake-less bikes by sticking their foot in the gap between the wheel and the fork.
But choosing the front wheel. Boy that was stupid.

Dumping Lori in favor of Traci when Traci turns out to be a closet klepto. Boy, trips to the mall were fun with her!

Also, the time (as a kid) when I put Vick’s Vapor Rub on my cat’s nose. They don’t like that.


Flying out of Turin with a hangover, at the back of the plane.

(round and round and round and round and round and UGGGH)

Trying to lift up the computer desk by the keyboard drawer is a bad idea.

Actual conversation I had:
exGF: “Does this dress make me look fat?”

Me: “No. It’s your big ass that does.”

OK, this may be a bit on the long side, but I think may bring a chuckle or two.

When I was 16 I happened to be walking across a highway using a pedestrian overpass. I needed to be on the road that the bridge spanned. I noticed that there was a street lamp that I could reach from the overpass. Being the industrious fellow that I am, I decided to slide down the lamppost to save a little time.

However, little did I realize that the lamppost flared such that it was significantly thinner up top than on the bottom. Well, it was a forced split, or let go and fall 20 or so feet. My groin muscles still hurt to this day when I think about it.

BinaryDrone, I would have loved to be on the bridge watching that one. Heh.

NoClueBoy, was she an ex before or after you said that? :wink:

Hacking into someone’s email and sending a downright nasty email to a fellow employee. While using a company computer and I was logged on to my account. And there were at least 20 witnesses that saw me on that computer at that time. 3 days off without pay and 6 months of probation. Ouch.

Running across the M62* because it was between me and the kebab house I wanted to get to. In my defense I was drunk, although how I survived is anyone’s guess. The point I realised this was a bad plan was when I was on the central reservation, with cars going past on either side at 80+MPH
thinking ‘How the hell do I get out of this one?’. The fear of getting caught by the police eventually won out in my drunken mind over the fear of being squished into small bits by fast moving vehicles.

Just proof that God takes care of small children and drunks :slight_smile:

*The M62 is the large motorway connecting Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Hull. The point I crossed it was 4 lanes per carriageway, hence 8 lanes of traffic at speeds from 50-90 MPH

Ok, let me tell you another bad idea: eating over three pounds of spicy Thai food last night. Oh man.

While in my mid-teens, I got to thinking about the whole “you should drink 8 glasses of water a day” thing, and wondered if you could drink it all at once if you’re more prone to drinking that amount over the course of a whole day (I still assume some people “train” their bodies to accept more liquids. wasn’t there a GQ a bit ago by someone who drinks 7 liters a day?) Yes, yes you can. Don’t plan on sleeping that night, though, you’ll be up to pee once an hour.

**Binarydrone ** Half way through the post, I saw what was coming. Hahahhahaahhahahaha. Notice girls typically don’t do those thing. Ah yes, superiority of the female brain :stuck_out_tongue: (joking)

My favourite bad idea is when your sleep cycle is regularly at four in the morning to midday the next day, and you have an early start coming up. So, you think to yourself, why not just not sleep at all two nights before the early start, and then go to bed at a reasonable time afterwards? Makes sense, right?

In case anyone is considering this, know that it never works (for me, at least - I’ve never heard of it working). I always give up halfway through the day and take a brief seven-hour power nap, waking up conveniently just before I was planning to go to bed and screwing up my sleeping patterns even worse than before.

~ Isaac

Eating an entire bag of prunes in one sitting (but they make cherry flavored ones that are so good!)

Man, this is the story of my life. I got a few for you.

Making fun of my boss in the hallway at work. Why was it bad idea? He was coming around the as I was speaking. This has happened at every place I’ve worked at)

Leaving my car running, while I stop and drop something off at a friends house. Why was it a bad idea? I forgot to put my car in park.(150 bucks damage!!! Well It could’ve been worse)

Not answering my phone when a buddy called, just because I didn’t feel like talking. Why was it a bad idea? A group of my boys were going to a club I’ve dying to go to. Just so happens its the most people they’ve had there since winter broke.

And I’m sure alot of you can appreciate this one.

Drinking that one shot offered by a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, not thinking about the case of beer you put away through out the night.Why was it a bad idea? COME ON EVERYONE SAY IT WITH ME : BEER BEFORE LIQUOR, NEVER SICKER. LIQUOR BEFORE BEER, IN THE CLEAR.

Not me, but two of my co-workers: making fun of a client’s toupee after a meeting as they were riding the train back to the office. Loudly, obnoxiously, mercilessly skewering the ugly mop the poor guy was wearing, and cackling to each other over what other hygiene shortcomings the guy must be suffering due to his obvious cluelessness. They were ripping the guy to shreds until the train pulled into one of the stations and they felt someone push past them to get off the train.

He had been standing behind them only three feet away the entire time.

We didn’t get that account.

Done that (regular flavor, though). It wouldn’t have been so bad except that I ate them just before having to teach four hour-long lessons in a row. For some reason, my brain just made the connection ‘prunes = yummy fruit snack’ and completely missed 'prunes = shit ‘til you turn translucent’.

Nor does fried chicken :o

Wiping off your dirty windshield with a baby wipe because you’re out of washer fluid - Bad Idea.
All it does is leave a sticky filmy soapy mess, and you can’t clean it off because you’re out of washer fluid, moron!