got a HTML page with just the basic elements.

Play at your own risk. Some of your ideas may not be safe for work because, for instance, Dirty word . com kicked in the library’s filter and I’m not bothering to start TorPark just to see what’s there. Most probably NSFW. is an Available Domain. is a children’s cancer center website. is a web site developer’s web site.

Yes You Do . com has a very lovely opening flash and is a domain in waiting. It’s a PG-13 rated flash so I’ll tag it NSFW. is a search engine. is a realtor’s site.

Your Turn . com kicked in the filter. Most probably NSFW!

Just a holding site at the moment, No idea why it’d trip your filter.

They use a corporate supplier of naughty domain names. They kicked me off for a few days while I screamed up and down that they had put me out of business.

Obligatory submission: – Domain on hold. – Domain for sale.

Internet Front - Search engine spam.
Internet End - Just what it says.
Waste of Time - I thought this was a Weird Earls but I searched the archive and couldn’t find it. Hey, Tuba!

That’s It I Quit - another search engine spammer.

Not Yet - another so and so search engine spammer.

Essell - The Community Forums. Essell, is this yours?

See if I care - Just says, “Delicious Cake”. Well then, see if I care!

Nobody cares - Search Engine Spammer

So what’s the point of these search-engine spammers again? I always figured that it was just domain-name squatters who had to do something with their pages…

They get money for every click on the links. Do they not?
I discussed it in this tread.

Sunspace = IT Host Rackspace

I’m still unclear. Unless the fake search-engine pages are just ‘fronts’ that contain nothing but links to ads. …

I am not a .com domain! :slight_smile:

They are. I entered “shipping costs” in Google and got this site.
I am a man A perfect example of a search engine spammer. Click on any link and you are taken to a page of Google ads.

I am an animal - Sports t-shirts