Spamusement “Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!”…has some pretty funny stuff. A few of my favorites so far, “whoa, check this out” , “today is the best day” , and “you were wrong cabinet sanchez”.

These are great. Current favorite.

This one made me make some kind of very strange, probably laugh-related noise: U are Stupid Dumbass If U Pay Retail Price For Softwares mentioned

Anybody nominate this for Weird Earl’s yet?

Ooh. Or this one:

Your Life Ins. Company PRAYS you will NEVER SEE this.

Just did. :slight_smile:

The more I think about it (and the more I click on) these might not be “work safe”, at least not on a Friday afternoon when you might’ve originally thought you’d get something done.

“It feels so right”

I like this one.

snort honeydewgrrl-where did you find this? It’s great!

My favorites:

You Cannot Do That

who likes masturbators!

Abe Lincoln Never got it

It’s very reminiscent of Exploding Dog , only with more of a theme.

It pleases me.

Just some of the stuff that oozes around the anti-spam community. I got this from a former manager of mine, who , like the rest of us, has had her sense of humor forever scarred by her vocation.

here’s a few more comma’s in case you don’t get your rda in the above post , :smack:

I absolutely love this site. I check it every day.

If you like Spamemusement, you might also be ticked by which has the same sort of random artwork. It’s not based of spam titles, but the guy has an interesting thought pattern, to say the least…

Make your c*ck a hammer :smack: