When typing, "gmail.com" in your browser...

…at work, make sure you don’t accidentally type, “gmial com”.


And in case the OP wasn’t clear, the link he posts is sorta borderline NSFW. No nudity, but ladies, some scantily clad.

I was guessing as much but I’m glad I didn’t click it ----------- for now at least. :wink:

Since I’m not at work, I did click the link (for, uh, research purposes). My Avast anti-virus informed me that going to that web page might not be such a good idea.

Since there are NSFW concerns and the possibility of a virus I broke the link. Unbreak at your own peril.

Here’s a screenshot if you really want to see it. Spoilered because some images are (barely) not safe for work.

It’s just some ads they think might appeal to the people who mistype gmail.com. I guess they default to straight male.

There are a lot of sites of that kind taking advantage of mistyped common URLs. It’s rare that people are hit by them, as people tend to Google search, use bookmarks, or follow links to reach them these days, but there’ll still be thousands of victims a day.

I posted about one years ago. There was a spam site at starightdope dot com. No idea if it’s still there and don’t care to find out.

I wouldn’t expect the Reader to buy starightdope, but why has Google not grabbed goggle/gogle/googol/googl/gmial/gmali?

(I didn’t check, for all I know they have some of those)

I found the same thing when typing “hotmail.com

My index finger hit both the J&H at the same time. Do not go to “jhotmail dot com” at work! Turns out it’s a teen porn site.

That’s sexist and gayist.

Not sure if it is still active, but years ago putting .com behind whitehouse, instead of the official whitehouse.gov would lead to porn.

Since Avast took the precaution of blocking it for me (redirector warning), I’ll have to take your word for it.

It’s not…hasn’t been for about a decade. Been through a lot of different things in that time, primarily real estate and government-related since thing, apparently.

I have an account at both.

I find this fascinating in the sense that I never would have thought to look up a domain name on Wikipedia.

Or hotmale.

Famous websites (and whitehouse dot com was one, just due to the controversy) tend to get wiki pages.

On a related note, penisland.net hasn’t changed. It’s still exactly what you’d expect, a great little internet island of pen sales!

I’ve used Gmail forever and don’t think I’ve ever typed “gmail.com” into a browser: if there’s no bookmark, I always type mail.google.com. Huh.

(now I’m all curious about what would happen if I tried male.google.com, but I’m at work and won’t try it here…)