Film Scores You Love for Movies You Haven't Seen

So, what original film scores are you particularly fond of through soundtrack albums, usage in commercials, concert performances, etc., but you’ve never actually seen the movie they were written for?

A few of mine that come to mind:

Black Beauty (Danny Elfman)
The Blue Max (Jerry Goldsmith)
Is Paris Burning? (Maurice Jarre)
Last Exit to Brooklyn (Mark Knopfler)
Madame Bovary (Miklós Rózsa)
The Nun’s Story (Franz Waxman)
Since You Went Away (Max Steiner)
The Spirit of St. Louis (Franz Waxman)
State of Siege (Mikis Theodorakis)
Walk on the Wild Side (Elmer Bernstein–I’ve only seen the brilliant opening credits)

I bought the 4-CD soundtrack set for Cowboy Bebop (Yoko Kanno), and I’ve seen exactly one episode. Does that count?

Fistful of Soundtracks is to blame.

Nobody? There must be some hardcore film music lovers out there…


I used to listen to film score records a lot. The problem is that I’ve also seen a lot of movies, so odds are that I’ve seen the films, disqualifying me. Here are a couple I liked and still haven’t seen the film of:
White Rock (Rick Wakeman)

The Knack (Lalo Schifrin?)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Don’t recall)

Never on Sunday

Mondo Cane (“More”)

The score/soundtrack for Todd Solondz’s Storytelling. Then again, I only have it because it was done by the band Belle and Sebastian.