Film Versions of Of Mice and Men? Your favorite?

Channel surfing and stumbled on a version of Of Mice and Men, with a young Robert Blake as George and Randy Quaid, as Lenny. Always a good story.

I remember years ago seeing a version with John Malcovich as Lenny, {who was George} I thought it would suck because John wore a padded suit to be Lenny, but his acting was so good I soon forgot about the suit. I know there’s an early black and white version with Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr which I’ve never seen.

Are there any other versions that you’ve liked? Any altered versions of the same basic story?

I’ve only seen (and have on DVD) the 1939 version with Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney, Jr. It’s so firmly entrenched, I don’t know if any other versions would meet my expectations.

And Meredith and Chaney were the basis for some Warner Brothers characters. :wink:

Also some MGM characters:
“Gee, George, ya sure are smart, George!”

That’s the only one I haven’t seen. I’ll have to see if I can find a copy.

I wasn’t familiar with the reference when the big dog did “which way did he go”

But I remember a Rocky and Bullwinkle in which Boris shot Rocky with a stupid ray, and Rocky said “Tell me about the Rabbits George”

I have only seen the version where John Malkovich plays Lenny and it is quite good. John Malkovich does an awesome acting job!

Amazon rental, four bucks. Buy it for ten.


The first version I saw was the 1968 TV production with George Segal as George & Nicol Williamson as Lennie. I was just a kid, but I thought it was quite good.

I just recently re-wated the Gary Sinise/John Malkovich version. I really like it.
I vaguely remember seeing the Chaney/Meredith version.

Chris Farley was an excellent Lennie, in the seldom seen two Lennie version.

Another fan of the Malkovich/Sinise version (both Steppenwolf Theater alums). I’ve also always had a crush on Sherilyn Fenn.

Another place to start might be

The original Burgess Meredith version is the only one I’ve seen and the only one I’ll ever see. I don’t care how good the others are.

I saw the SNL skit & it was more recent than that. I’d have to look up who played the Lennies. I’m pretty sure Chris Farley was long deceased.

Btw, while I remember Blake/Quaid fondly, Meredith/Chaney is a MUST. And I still have yet to see the Sinise/Malkovitz version.

Both seriously & as a My Name Is Earl parody, I think Jason Lee & Ethan Suplee would be great in the roles.

Another vote for that version.

Wasn’t it Bobby Moynihan?

The “Two Lennies” skit aired on October 23, 1993 and featured Chris Farley and John Malkovich (guest host) as the pair.

An excellent book, but the Malkovich/Sinise version is the only one we’ve seen. We both liked it.

I pouted when I had to read the book in my freshman english class. Ended up loving the hell out of it. I’ve only seen the Malkovich version myself as well. Loved it. Other’s may be subjectively superior, but I thought this version pretty faithful to the source and the acting was great.