Films that have St. Patrick's Day Parades in them.

I can only think of three but there has to be more surely?

The Fugitive
State Of Grace
Flight Of The Doves

Unable to confirm, but I’m pretty sure:

Little Nellie Kelly, 1940
Beau James, 1947

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Or is the parade not specified?

ETA: After submitting I looked it up - guess it was actually a German parade. Oh well.

Not a film, but 30 Rock featured St Patrick’s Day in an episode.

Do deleted scenes count?

If so, the deleted scenes on the Good Will Hunting DVD are from the South Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade

I seem to remember a St. Paddy’s Day Parade in an old Pat O’Brian film from the early '50s, “The Last Hurrah”. It’s about Boston politics. I could be wrong though.

Once again my aging memory could be playing tricks on me, but “Yankee Doodle Dandy” seems to have at least a reaction scene to the parade. They might just be going out to it or are just coming in from it, not sure though.

The Simpsons had parades a couple of times. As far as I know, in “Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment” (the Booze Baron episode), as well as in “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes,” where it gets raided by Orangemen (and an Orangeprechaun).

The former was controversial in UK because of the IRA bomb scene. Think it was but when that episode originally aired.

There’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade in a pivotal scene in God Told Me To (1976).