Seinfeld 'Puerto Rican Day' in syndication

Am I correct in my assumption that tonight (Aug. 3, 2002) was the first time this infamous second-to-last episode was aired in syndication?

(For those of you wondering: yes, the flag incident was left in. I don’t really see the problem in it-as Kramer correctly stated, it was an accident; and the Puerto Ricans got angry at him-on the show, I mean.)

As I had never heard of it apearing (and I watch it every night here in Houston), I am pleased to here of it breaking into the rotation. RIDICULOUS!

I just checked the listings for tonight’s broadcast and low and behold:

KHWB, 10:00 PM
The Puerto Rican Day: The four pals react to a traffic jam during the Puerto Rican Day parade.

Thanks for the heads up!

I’m intrigued. What is this flag incident to which you refer?

There is a puerto rican celebration and kramer gets all into it waving a puerto rican flag and such.
Then kramer is playing with some sparklers and smoking a cigar. He tosses a sparkler onto the flag (being oblivious) and the flag catches on fire.
Kramer realizes what happens and tries to put the fire out by stomping on the flag.
So then some people see him and start to yell at him, they attempt to destroy the car he was in and chase him into hiding.

I saw the episode on Saturday and I don’t know what all the fuss was about. That said, I thought the episode sucked overall. But I’m biased because I can’t stand Seinfield anyway.

Thanks, symplicity, sure sounds like much ado about nothing.


(To borrow a phrase from this week’s South Park.)

Homer accidentally lit the British flag on fire, then tried to stomp it out. Marge then suggested throwing compost on it. If British Simpsons viewers were upset, they surely had a stiff upper lip about it, unlike stereotypically hot-blooded Puerto Ricans.

That was what I was going to point out. Homer and Kramer are both bumbling idiots, and were unaware that the flag had been set on fire (on a flagpole too close to a bug zapper; throwing a sparkler over the shoulder, not realizing that a flag is nearby). Although Homer is more of a verbal bumbler, and Kramer is more of a pratfall type, there is some similarity in their intelligence.

Why watch it?

monstro’s probably got a flatmate who loves the show and forces her to watch it. That’s the only reason I ever saw the show myself.

Because I had already seen the *Entertainment Tonite: Where are They Now? *