Films/TV from different perspectives that you would like to see...

What other perspectives and viewpoints in films & TV do you think would be fascinating to see?

I’ve got three:

Gone With the Wind from Mammies point of view.

Cloverfield from the Presidents point of view.

Buffy from an average vampire’s point of view. Perhaps this episode would answer the question “why hang around a town called Sunnydale where a legendary Vampire Slayer lives and hunts?” (Yeah, I know: the Hellmouth. But none of the Vamps were exactly trying to get into the damn thing).

I believe the novel The Wind Done Gone is a retelling of GWTW from a slave’s perspective.

I would love to watch 30 Rock from Kenneth’s perspective, because Muppets are awesome.

More seriously, I’d have eagerly watched a companion series to “Star Trek: Voyager” that focused on the families and friends of the Voyager crew plus Starfleet command during Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant. More Barclay! More Dominion War drama! More Vulcans!

I’d love to see Hamlet done from the POV of two bit players. Oh, wait…

Might be worth checking out. Thanks! For some reason, I thought TWDG was just a spoof.

However, I still wonder what Mammie thought of all this.

I’ve heard that Schwarzenegger was actually considering FRANKENSTEIN from the Monster’s POV.

I myself wrote a 30-page treatment of Renfield’s POV in DRACULA.

I’m pretty sure I can sum that up in seven words:

I ain’t fittin’. It just ain’t fittin’.

For me, I’d like to see the following:

The Godfather from Fredo’s point of view (it ends like The Sopranos!)

Die Hard from Hans’ point of view

Star Wars from R2-D2’s point of view (with subtitles for the internal monologues: “Why won’t you people listen to me? I know who that dude is!”)

Cloverfield from the Snookums’ POV! Okay, maybe not. Cloverfield from the Prez’s POV would be pretty cool, too–would probably make it more of a standard monster movie, but still sorta cool. Least we wouldn’t have to deal with stupid ass yuppies, amirite?

Jeeves and Wooster from Jeeves’ POV. Actually, along the lines of Mammy/Gone with the Wind, a LOT of stories would probably be cool from the servants’ POV. Rebecca from Mrs. Danvers’ perspective would be hella fun. Scary, but fun.

The GF from Fredo’s POV would be a very interesting retelling of the story. Say what you may about the man, he probably had the best sex life of the three/four brothers: “He was boffing cocktail waitresses two at a time!”

I always thought that Cloverfield lends itself very well to other perspectives.

Well, at least one additional perspective: The President & military. After all, we never really know what, if anything, killed Snookums. Snookies story is still unfinished!

I love that movie.

True…and where did he come from? Space? Govt. project gone awry?

Snookums was woken by the Japanese as they were harvesting the secret ingredient used in Slusho frozen drinks.

I thought everyone knew that…

So…Slusho is…GAJIN?!

I’d like to see The Graduate from Mrs. Robinson’s perspective. I thought she was by far the most interesting person in the movie, and the whole thing gets pretty dull during the part that’s about Ben and Elaine’s relationship.


Just like Soylent Midori.

My wife says she would like to see an episode of Lost told from the POV of one of the Red Shirts, other than Nikki and Paulo.

Yes! I love the movie, have probably seen it a couple of dozen times. While watching it about 15 years ago, I realized that I was sympathizing with Mrs. R more than Ben. She made the first move (propositioning Ben), but from that point on Ben quickly becomes as self-centered and insensitive as she is, and by movie’s end he is more the villain than she.

I also maintain that although Mrs. R undoubtedly had a very low opinion of herself and Ben (because of his association with someone as despicable as herself), that was only part of the reason she went ballistic when Ben first mentions dating Elaine; I think that by that time she had fallen in love with Ben, and was terrified by the prospect of losing him to anyone, much less her own daughter.

I see The Graduate as a movie with two deeply troubled lead characters, but only half the story is told.

David Brin once suggested that it would be interesting to hear what Sauron’s point of view was in The Lord of the Rings. He points out we’ve only heard what his enemies had to say about him. Maybe Sauron wasn’t really evil. Maybe he was a great man who was trying to overthrow the human/elven aristocratic tyranny and bring freedom to the oppressed races of Middle Earth.