Final AP Polls by year since whenever

Am I imagining things or have I seen in one place a collection of the final AP Polls (college football) by year since some starting date? May have been all the way back, or just the last 20-30 years or something.

I have not been able to Google such a thing this morning.

Any help?

The ESPN College Football encyclopedia has that information, but I don’t know if it is online anywhere.


Good looking book! I could swear that I have run across something like what I described in the OP. I just can’t remember (or find) where I saw it.

As I remember it, it had a column for the teams and then columns for each year since some starting date and in the intersections between year and team there was a number (or NR) for how that team finished the year in the AP rankings. As I remember it the order of teams in their column was based on an average of how they had fared overall. Odds are the teams near the top were the ones you’d expect, like Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama. etc. But the number of teams that had finished at least one year in the Top 25 made the teams list quite long. Over 50 for sure.

ETA: I found which just might lead to what I’m looking for.

Another site that’s providing some fun trivia and statistics has this bit of breaking news:

The best I’ve been able to find along the lines of what I’m hunting for is Total Appearances in the Final AP Poll which will serve my immediate concerns.

Here ya go. The link takes you to the final AP poll of 1936, which is the earliest the site lists. It’s pretty easy to navigate to the year you want, though. Also, there’s a whole lot of interesting little lists like “AP National Champions with only One Appearance at #1 During the Season” if you search around the site.

Thanks. I tinkered with the list from my previous post and came up with the teams that averaged no lower than #10 and came up with


Total Appearances in the Final AP Poll 

RK      Team        App*  Avg RK  High RK 

 4.   Alabama        51    7.53   1    
 2.   Oklahoma       54    7.59   1  
 4.   Notre Dame     51    7.88   1 

 3.   Ohio State     53    8.25   1 
 7.   USC            46    8.85   1 
41.   Army (NY)      14    8.93   1 
15.   Florida State  30    8.97   1 
15.   Miami (FL)     30    8.97   1 

41.   Minnesota      14    9.14   1 
21.   Michigan State 24    9.17   1 
 7.   Texas          46    9.22   1 
17.   Florida        29    9.24   1    
48.   Navy (MD)      12    9.42   2 
 1.   Michigan       57    9.46   1 

 6.   Nebraska       48    9.69   1 
11.   LSU            37    9.73   1    
10.   Penn State     40    9.80   1 
 9.   Tennessee      42    9.86   1   

Another site that has potential is but I have yet to figure out how to make it do what I’m after. It’s loaded with all sorts of data, to be sure.

At, the easiest way to do it is using the Season Count screen.

Select the year range you want (AP started in 1936), then click the left box by Yr Rank/Non. The default range is 1-25, so that’s ranked. If you do 1-10, you get top 10.

The next line down you can select what poll you want. The default is ranked in the AP or Coaches poll. Click the left box to get the AP poll, then click search.

This is a list of how many times each team has finished ranked in the AP poll. Adjust the year range to get different ranges. The last 20 years:

Or, all-time top 10 finishes:
There are other things there. You can replace team for conference, to get a list of finishes by conference, you can split it up year by year, or 2+ year ranges, etc. The rank points converts the rankings to points, ie 25 for a #1 finish, 24 for a#2, etc.

Thanks so much, boxedlunch! I’ll be trying all that.