Final Fantasy X Ending (big spoilers of course)

This may have been discussed already, but I couldn’t find anything with a search…

I finished FFX this weekend. The ending went pretty much as I had anticipated, but I still liked it. I suppose the revelation that Auron was unsent was supposed to be a surprise, but I always knew there was something weird about that guy.

The one thing I couldn’t figure out was the wall with all of the bodies stuck in it turning to dust. Was that the fayth? I guessing that the bubble that broke into thousands of little bubbles (one of which depicted Tidus) represented their dreams.

Also - what’s the deal with the very last part, after the credits? I’ve heard people whine about it saying they (Squaresoft) brought Tidus back to life. I saw it as more of a symbolic thing - didn’t someone say you get a new ocean to swim in after you die?

Anyway - great game. I don’t usually finish games of this size (took me 65 hours), so I’m glad I stuck with it. Any thoughts?