final fantasy VII question

The answer is: mu.

what do you mean by “mu”?

“mu” means “unask the question.”

The hamsters have already unasked your question for you (i.e. I couldn’t and still can’t see your OP: I saw a page with no posts).

my question was : how does final fantasy VII end?

Well, it depends on your point of view. Personally, I was unable to interperet the “ending” as anything but a dream of dead characters in the after life. That’s because [spoiler]the final bad guy DESTROYED THE PLANET AND INDEED THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM WITH A HUGE COMET during my battle with him. Ouch.

Of course, maybe that was some other planet and solar system (though that would beg the question of how it did damage to me then). If so, then basically the magic world-soul basically came out of the Earth and healed the planet. We see vistas in the end of various things like the city being overgrown by plants, and Red 8, or whatever his name was, running through the grasslands. Aeris stays dead. [/spoiler]

Here’s a link. Might I suggest you try the plot analysis, specifically section 4a.

thanks for the link. I didn’t realize that this was not an easy question to answer!

It’s not mainly because it’s so darn confusing what happens. The translation is so poor, you can almost make up your own story near the end. Even reading over the story again, I still have no idea what the heck is up with Cloud’s crazy brain or what a Lifestream is.

the reason why I wanted to know the ending was that I started the game and I was disappointed with it. I don’t like the turn based system. I was curious to know the ending even though I had heard that it was bad.

My interpretation was that civilization did come back, because the machines and factories and stuff were still working (but it’s been a long time since I beat the game, so it might be off).

BTW, captainQwark, is your name a reference to the excellent Ratchet & Clank? Props if it is.

yes, it is a Ratchet and Clank reference.

Hmm, just posted in the other thread, but the action seems to be going on over here.
Ok, from what I can tell from talks with my friends, you kill Sephiroth and cleanse the world of him. Then the Lifeforce ( which from what we could tell was Gaia, the living force of the planet) purifies itself of the evil completely. Because of the whole Mako thing, Gaia cleanses itself of humans to prevent anything like that from happening again. So in the last scene we see Red and his cubs running and looking to an old deserted Midgar, devoid of human life because well, there is no longer any human life. This is open to discussion of course.

I’ve also heard things about Jenova being a alien life form that goes from planet to planet sucking out lifeforces. It used the humans to speed up the process with the Mako reactors and Midgar. While this was never mentioned in the game the theory has sprung up.

Granted, it’s really hard to really draw a clear conclusion, but I have heard it argued that the childern laughing at the end signifies that Humanity survived, but the ruin of Midgar suggests that they’ve returned to a more “Planet Friendly” lifestyle(No more Mako Reactors, etc.).

Reminds me somewhat of Lavos from Chrono Trigger.

The problem is: its so ambiguous. Unlike other FF games, you never really get to see what happens to the characters: are they killed? Do they survive? Lali-ho!

Chrono Trigger is sooooooo cool. Way better storyline, way more inteligible. Though I wish they’d explored the way-out-there “maybe something is trying to remember all this for some reason: what could it be” line some more. Crono Cross, though I haven’t played it, sounds like a real dissappointment, despite having a great premise for how it fits into CT.

Chrono Cross, well, nothing can compare to the original Chrono Trigger, but I did enjoy it nonetheless. It has a fairly easy to learn battle system(or at least, easy to use once you get it down). It had a lot of characters, even though most were poorly developed and I never used most of them.

The plot somewhat fits into chrono trigger, but there are a few plot holes. It has one of the most complicated(or was it confusing) plots I’ve seen outside of Final Fantasy Tactics.

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