Final MLB Roto Keeper Cuts w/Salary

On 3/15 we need to cut our rosters to the 12 we are allowed to keep from one year to the next. Below are the 14 I’m trying to decide between and their salaries (standard 23 player, $260 total, AL only 5X5 format). I need to cut 2 more.

I’m thinking maybe Roberts due to his salary and he is in final year of contract (for my team, we can only keep guys 3 years). But I am also an O’s fan at heart and being able to root for my players is a huge bonus to me. Maybe Jenks? I lost a little confidence in him last year, but it sounds like he is coming back in a little better shape and more focused. Having 2 closers would free up all my pitching money on a solid starter or 2. Maybe one of my $1 guys? Great to keep these guys and free up money on auction day, but they can’t all come through.
Wieters, Matt C BAL $2
Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN $11
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL $26
Rodriguez, Sean 2B TB $1
Andrus, Elvis SS TEX $3
Wood, Brandon 3B ANA $1
Gardner, Brett CF NYY $1
Jones, Adam CF BAL 11 Span, Denard RF MIN 5
Lopez, Jose 2B SEA $ 3
Aardsma, David RP SEA $11
Buchholz, Clay SP BOS $8
Floyd, Gavin SP CHW $14
Jenks, Bobby RP CHW $25

Any opinions/analysis appreciated. Feel free to borrow this thread if you have your own keeper dilemmas.

How many teams?

Eh - doesn’t matter how many teams. Those low-dollar players are ridiculous! Drop Floyd and either Cuddyer or Rodriguez (who I admit I don’t know that much about). You won’t need three 2B. Man - how much do the top players go for when you have so many positions locked into such low amounts?

And who let you get Weiters for a couple bucks last year in an AL-only keeper league?

The low salaries do skew the auction salaries higher as guys have too much money to spend. I waived Sizemore because I had him at $42 and figured I could get him back cheaper. I may regret that.

Floyd was my ace last year and I read they are hoping to get 20 wins out of him. I think He’ll bounce back from last season (he was pretty good for much of last year, he just had a stretch where he was pretty mediocre and it skewed all his numbers). I just traded for Cuddyer as my team last year leaned toward Rs/SBs and my middle of the order (RBI/HR) was weak.

I got Wieters thru a glitch in the rules last auction. Typically minor leaguers are not auctionable in our league (we have a reserve list draft following the auction for minors leaguers). But since we did the auction before opening day - everyone was eligible for auction and everyone forgot about him. I won him for $2 late in the auction and had to suffer 2 months with whatever free agent catcher I picked up to replace him til he could be activated.

10 teams. I finished 3rd last year (not bad considering no power and my starting pitching sucked)

That’s why you finished 3rd! :slight_smile: Seriously - your offense needs 1 heavy hitter and 3 top SPs, and you’re set.

Gotta make a decision by Friday:

10 team keeper points league. The details of which are far too ridiculous to list here, and comparing these two players is nearly impossible because of the difference between hitters and pitchers. But off of your gut, which keeper would you rather have:

Justin Upton in Round 8
Tommy Hanson in Round 16

I’m sure the Mets hope get 20 wins from Oliver Perez too, but that doesn’t mean it is likely to happen. With the Sox lackluster offense, I think you would be lucky to get 15 from him. However, he is still worth keeping given your other options.

I’d throw back Jenks for certain that is a hefty salary for a mediocre closer trending the wrong way. My 2nd choice would probably be Rodriguez, which is more of a playing time issue than anything else. Wood and Gardner will also probably platoon to some extent, giving them limited value. If you are more concerned on the long term, I’d probably lose Gardner.

That is tough, but all else being equal, I’d go Upton.

That’s what I was leaning. Until I hashed more out. I keep three off the top, then one that’s Round +10 (draft him last year in Round 18, get him in Round 8). Anyway, my keepers:

  1. Upton
  2. Kemp
  3. Sabathia
    Round +10: Hanson (16)/Upton (8)

I’m now thinking about dropping Sabathia for Upton. Pitching is…weird…in a points league. Sabathia and Upton are really close to each other on MDC.

I think it just comes down to whether I want 2 SPs to begin…