Final opinions about the 2012 London Olympics.

Hello good dopers,
With the Sochi winter games coming up shortly it seems appropriate to ask what are your final conclusions about the XXX Olympiad of the modern era, aka London 2012?


Best Olympics ever by a fair way. Certainly the best opening ceremony. Beijing was good but at London 2012 you never got the feeling that anyone was going to be shot if they fucked it up. So that’s a plus. Also, the Queen was happy to join in a skit…the queen…the QUEEEN!
I’m fortunate to live a short-ish train ride away and experienced some of the games first hand and the atmosphere was wonderful.

I’m American and watched the London Games on TV. I liked them. It was fun to watch events like the marathon with landmarks like the London Eye in the background.

I loved them. After all the worries beforehand about the lack of security guards, potential travel chaos in London etc it actually turned out just fine, and London showed a warm, friendly and enthusiastic face to the world. The fact that Team GB did so well helped too, the highlight being that Saturday night in the main Stadium.

I get the sense that the 2012 Games might be “the last great Games.” Before the Games started the UK press was almost unanimous in disgust and worry about how badly they were bound to do. But from the opening ceremony to the close it seemed like not a single foot was put wrong. Yes, the opening ceremony was a bit cheesy, but it also genuinely and somehow movingly represented the UK to the world outside. And it didn’t hurt that the UK had their biggest medal haul in ages and it seemed like momentum was building every day of the games. It was a totally unexpected success story that really had the world looking.

And now…Sochi 2014 looks like it could be a potential disaster, with terrorist threats, crumbling infrastructure, and uncertain weather. The buildup for Brazil’s 2014 World Cup doesn’t look like it bodes well for Rio 2016…I can’t believe that if there are already questions about how Brazil will afford the 2014 World Cup that Rio 2016 will go off entirely as planned. South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics bid is going to be under the shadow of whatever’s going on in North Korea at the time. We might have to wait until 2020 to see another truly great Games; there’s no doubt that Tokyo can pull it off. But their success will be expected and technically efficient. The amazing thing about London 2012 was that it could have been totally shambolic, and somehow it became a triumph.

To me the Beijing Games are still the standard to will all other games should aspire to, but London was pretty good. As technology and accessibility increases, each games will be seen by more and more people and the audience will be able to see a more variety of events. That is really important to me

What was the last Games that weren’t widely predicted to be a disaster? The Athens Games weren’t going to get the stadiums built in time, the SLC games were supposed to be a train-wreck because the people in charge had to resign due to a bribery scandal. It seems a certain amount of panic always sets in before the games start.

Speaking as a Londoner, i really enjoyed the whole thing and I still think it was an appalling waste of billions of pounds.


At least it was some economic activity - it’s not like billions of pounds were just burned in a field somewhere.

But this is just the ‘Well, it’ll greatly improve the transport links to that part of London’ defence, as well as providing some (tempoary) employment. Fine, so if it’s a good idea lets just build the transport links and invest the money in ways that will provide (Long-term) employment.

Nothing can top Beijing’s Olympics, but London’s were great.

I think one big point in London’s favour over Beijing is that the venues are still in use and will continue to be. One of the prime objectives was to avoid the “white elephant” factor that other Olympic venues have had. Athens and Beijing are particularly guilty of that and it is very sad to see them getting dusty and shabby. Whereas the main Stratford Olympic park was designed from the off to be downsizable and manageable for future events.

Am I the only person on earth who wasn’t happy during the Beijing opening ceremony?
All those perfect drummers, with military precsion…It was deeply impressive…but also a bit , well,…scary.
I got the feeling that every single person in China was determined to impress me with how great Chinese society can be, because everybody marches in step.
It reminded me of North Korea and its sychronized crowds.

The London opening ceremony was a bit…different. Appropriate, and fun.

But they made one mistake: they should have had Dr. Who land the Tardis in the middle of the stadium. (and I don’t mean an actor in a blue phone booth…I mean a real Tardis. :slight_smile:

For me, as a British kid who grew up in the 90s, the Olympics was all about the Closing Ceremony. Not much of a sports fan but I’ll watch the odd match of football or round of Wimbledon here or there. But to be in London on August 12th 2012 to see Bombay Bicycle Club, The Specials, New Order and Blur play in Hyde Park was one of THE best days of my life, evar!

The London opening ceremony was wonderful. Mad, chaotic, inventive, original, wonderful.

Was I the only person thinking that Kenneth Branagh must have had balls of steel ? “I’m doing this live : to an audience of what ? how many million ? If I mess up a line, how many people will see it ? Ok, I’m an actor, this is what I do .”

Overall, I didn’t pay much attention to the actual games, but my impression was they were great :- good natured, friendly, London at it’s best.

I wasn’t in London, but watching it on TV, I have nothing but positive impressions. The Opening Ceremonies were wacky and authentic in a way I’ve never seen at any previous Games. I doubt the future Olympics will be able to top them. “We care for all our sick children” is the most stunning bit of jiu-jitsu ever displayed at an Opening Ceremony. Plus: Corgis!

No, you are not alone in that. I can’t help but imagine that multiple beatings were either administered or at least plausibly threatened to get that level of precision.

I recall watching the Beijing ceremony and being impressed, I watched the London ceremony and being moved and delighted.

I think that covers all bases. The forging of the golden rings was a particular favourite of mine, oh and the Bond skit (with the queen), oh, and the NHS peice, oh, and Mr. Bean…etc, etc.

Well, to be fair, if you want a safe pair of thespian hands they don’t much safer or much more thespian.

I love the games no matter where they are held but that was my feeling too. Actually being in London meant I got to get taste of it and that impression was borne out on the ground. It felt like a bouncing, happy city for the Olympic period.

And I came in to say that I thought the London Games were great, but the USA news coverage sucked!

Typical - if no US Team member is in the competition, it is considered irrelevant and that event, if shown at all, will be at 3 in the morning or something. I guess if there is nobody from the US competing in the top ten, the event is considered useless.