london wins olympics

sitting in singapore and news just hit the wires

I was sure Paris had it in the bag.

My condolences to London and the English tax payers.

I would have bet on Paris too.

Eeeeee heeeeee heeeeeeeee…I don’t think it’s possible to not gloat. The French were so sure of themselves… :smiley:

I work for an Anglo-French company in London, with staff split about 50-50 between the British half of the company and the French half.

Life is very entertaining here at the moment, to say the least. Well, we’re enjoying it.


I’m imagining the atmosphere in Gleneagles right now. “Sorry you didn’t get it, Jacques, but hey, the catering contract is still open for bids!” :stuck_out_tongue:

To the good folks in London, I just want to say: wait and see. The same things - about the cost, the burden on infrastructure, the sheer impossibility of holding the Games - these same things are said before almost every Olympics, and yet somehow, they always seem to come off without too many hitches. Certainly there were many skeptics and opponents before the Lillehammer Games, for instance, and since then, I can count on one hand the number of Norwegians who have said to me that they never should have been held. Just you wait and see, it might not be so bad after all. It might even be fun!

And if it isn’t, you have seven years to save for an overseas vacation that month :wink:

YAY for London!
Maybe it was the entire French government and the muslim women’s head scarf thingie that made it sway over to those lovely, lovely brits.

My apologies for the traffic, taxes and loud, obnoxious tourists.

As a native New Yorker who loves his City with every bit of his heart, let me be the first to say,


:smiley: :cool: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cool:

The Greeks are still paying for the last games, and are stuck with a load of deserted velodromes and fencing arenas.

I fear that we will see repeats of the Millenium Dome / West Coast Main Line / Wembley Stadium problems that seem to bedevil any large engineering project undertaken in the UK. :frowning:

I’m finding it rather hard not to gloat atm. Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London) was sitting in the front row with Seb Coe. 1 min before the announcement there were 4 or 5 cameramen in front of them. He looked across and saw 40+ in front of the french and thought well, they must have got a tipoff. You should have seen the grin on his face.

(BTW His words more or less on interview a mo ago)

Points at flodnaks post. :smiley:

The current area opinion is, if not NYC, then not Parie.

Way to go, London

And then there were those who assumed that the anti-war in Iraq stance / standing up to Bush would have swayed it for France.

I’m in Paris and I just sort of assumed we’d get it (we being Paris, even tho’ I’m a Brit). The doubts started to creep in yesterday or the day before when the French media strated to accuse London of dirty tactics - seems the UK team made derogatory comments about the Stade de France & Seb Coe was talking to everyone except the French etc. etc. THey had covered their backs. Straight after the announcement one TV commentator said that Paris’ bid had been ‘a team effort’ much more in line with the ‘Olymic spirit’ than London’s one man show.

Ah well, good luck to London - they’ll surely need it - and bad luck to all the disabled Parisians who were finally going to see the metro system made fully accessable to them !

Jolly good I say. Congrats to London.

As for all the people who are condoling them, I’d like to remind people of how Atlanta did it in 96. As far as I know we’re done paying for it and we did quite well out of it but we got all the criticism for commercializing it. shrug

Ditto. :smiley:

I couldn’t have said it any better. After that stupid Republican convention, I couldn’t imagine a month of that level security. This is also a nice FU to Bloomberg, who I’m sure will whine and complain that the stadium killed the deal.

I didn’t want a stupid football stadium or the stupid Olympics, I’m batting 2 for 2! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the Special Olympics. Try to be a bit more sensitive please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have short buses for them, if they’re needed.

Just saying.

Agreed, we needed the Olympics like a hole in the head. Good luck, London, you’ll need it.

How callous of me! :slight_smile:

London is in the top-five most expensive cities in the world. I wonder what impact that will have on visitors.