Final That 70s Show 5/18 (spoilers)

Will we finaly learn Fez’s real name/homeland? Is Eric coming back? Will Jackie get together with Fez? Is Hyde turning into Richard Simmons?

No. Yes. Yes. No.

Great episode and a fitting end to the series. One small nitpick; shouldn’t the licence plate at the end have been Jan 1980 instead of Dec 1980?

I missed it. Can someone spoil it for me?



Fez is revealed to have a buddy, Andrew Patrick, with a British accent, but they’re not British. Fez says he’s from the other part of the island or something. So my guess is that they’re from the part of Ireland that’s not in Great Britain. (Whatever…Fez is an annoying crackpot with no self-control whatsoever. That’s universal.)

The record store owner sells out all the locations to a dry cleaning firm except one; he gives it to Steven.

Red & Kitty make an awkward attempt to sell the house, but have second thoughts and nix it and the move to Florida. And Red’s Packers tickets finally arrive.

Steven gets to stay, which is good, because he spent his nest egg on those tickets and won’t be having his own place for a while. (Oh, and he tried to quit the circle, but he got better.)

Bob doesn’t like the idea, but he’s going to Florida alone.

Fez gets together with Jackie.

Donna is moving on to college.

Michael drops by for one last round of abuse.

Eric’s Africa tour is apparently over, and he drops by to try to patch things up with Donna. And…yeah.

Laurie is long gone, and good freaking riddance. :slight_smile:

Eh…kinda liked it, but it was pretty bland for a final episode. It just wasn’t the same since Eric left.

I thought it was a pretty satisfying conclusion. If you ignore the fact that the whole Eric-less final season was basically a huge mistake, it was good. Further thoughts/mild spoilers:
[ul]I enjoyed the panoramic, 3D view of the Foreman house. Nice touch.[/ul]
[ul]Kelso’s return seemed just a little bit off to me. It felt like something Ashton squeezed in between Punk’d tapings (or whatever he’s doing now).[/ul]
[ul]A few too many clip montages. Actually I could have done with none.[/ul]
[ul]Eric’s return was nicely handled. He really was the soul of the show.[/ul]
[ul]The very ending, in case anyone missed it: the four boys convene in the circle one last time, just before the New Year comes in. Donna and Jackie come down and drag them upstairs. We remain in the basement as we hear them count down to 1980. They reach “1,” and instead of “Happy New Year,” the license plate logo appears, with a simple “80” license sticker in the corner. Quite abrupt, but nice.[/ul]

Definitely not - its suggested that he’s meant to be from some small random Asia-Pacific type island. Hence the answer “depends on whether you ask the British or the Dutch” when they’re outright asked the name.

Basically they were playing the “tiny generic ex-european colony no one has ever heard of” card.

It still could have been some Caribbean island, because both the British and Dutch had heavy colonial presences there.

And alphaboi867,why wouldn’t the sticker read Dec. 80? They were yearly stickers giving the expiration date.

I thought it was a pretty good send-off. No special super-duper everybody’s life changes, ala MAS*H. No our audience are idiots, ala Seinfeld. Just life going on, remembering the past, the future’s what we make of it, fun for all. Sure they could and should have ended last year. But this will play nicely in syndication and leave a good taste in everybody’s minds.

I thought they were nicely handled… very subversive, kinduv making fun of the typical clip montage thing. Most of them were just picking on really silly in-jokes and repeating them over and over again almost identically, right?? (But somehow not quite enough repetition to get annoying even as a joke, to me.)

oh absolutely. just not ireland!

That leads into my favourite line from the episode.

Kitty, after telling Donna she thinks of her like a daughter: ‘And speaking of daughters. Has anybody seen Laurie?’

Speaking of Laurie; did she and Fez ever bother getting a divorce?

Well, remember Fez said that he would “fly to Brazil” and then travel to his country? As we can tell from all of these answers, we still don’t have a clue from whence Fez hails :wink:

Speaking of missing (Pinciotti) girls. No one ever saw Valerie and Tina was only seen in Episode 5. Perhaps Donna will see her long lost older sister at college?

Wasn’t Donna ret-conned into being an only child at some point?

No part of Ireland is in Great Britian.

Just saying.

You’re right. However, there is a part of Ireland in the United Kingdom.

Ah, but that’s not what he said. And nitpicking is one of the joys of SDMB.

Plus, I want to protect him from going to Ireland and calling a local resident British. Could get ugly.


I like how they didn’t push the “get Eric and Donna back together before the show ends” aspect too much. He’s back, he knows he screwed up by leaving, and they’re going to try and start over. It was nice.

The Jackie and Fez thing was a little silly, though, and Kelso looked like he was sort of added in as an afterthought. He barely seemed to belong there at all.

I missed it too - what does “And…yeah.” mean? He’s unable to patch it up due to some basic conflict of lifestyles between them? Or do they get together in some fashion?

I only catch episodes on occasion in syndication, so apologies if this is a real no-brainer. I still don’t know why they never ended up getting married.