Finally available on DVD

:):):):):):)How happy am I? Reefer Madness, the Musical is finally available on DVD!!!
I first heard of the show a few years ago when it played Off Off Broadway, but wasn’t able to get into NCY to see it before it closed. Then Showtime produced a movie musical of the script starring Kristin Bell, Christian Campbell (from the original LA cast), Ana Gasteyer (man, can that broad belt out a note!) and Steven Weber. I watched it every time Showtime showed it. I’ve been combing,, and ever since April 2005, and it’s finally on DVD - and I guess the soundtrack is available on CD now too.

Strange. I watched the DVD from Netflix months ago. I really liked it.

Oh. Well, I just found out. Glad you liked it. I’m listening to the soundtrack now (downloaded it this evening)

To pile on, I also got it from Netflix back in April. And Amazon’s sales page states “DVD Release Date: November 8, 2005” :wink:

I may have to buy that movie at some point. It’s the reason I hold out hope that Steven Weber won’t stink up Studio 60 this fall. And I hear that the box is chocolate scented.

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