Finally! Gold!

I’d just like to express my total joy over the stunning victory of Israeli windsurfer Gal Friedman - the first Israeli Olympic Gold Medal EVER.

I’m going out to jump into the fountain in Rabin Square.

Mazel tov, and shehekhiyanu!

I’m going to celebrate with falafel.

Wow, that’s excellent!

I guess we can finally expand that leaflet, “Great Jewish Sports Legends,” huh?

I suspect you are joking, but try here:

… and I thought maybe I’d get to start a thread for once! Only 12 hours late :smack:

Plus - we have a football team in the Champion’s Leauge again! Go Maccabi Tel-Aviv! (should have been two teams - but you’re the one from Haifa - you explain that one!)

Oh - I don’t think there’s any water in the fountain right now. Watch out! :eek:


After typing the OP I suddenly realized that I was in fact nowhere near Tel Aviv, so the whole jumping into the fountain thing wasn’t really an option. By the time I happened to pass by around 6PM, the moment had gone by. There was water, though, so I could have jumped in if I had wanted to, OK?

Great ceremony last night. I tried to stand up during the national anthem but my wife just made fun of me.

P.S. I moved to Israel just old enough (age 6) to not care a bit about soccer, although my kid brother is kind of miffed his boys in green screwed up. I’m happy to see a local team succeed, but beyond that… meh.

Round of applause for Israel. Hope the whole country is doing the happy dance :slight_smile:

News Faqlsh–Arafat denounces Windsurfing as “Zionist Naval Warfare”.
Silly film at 11. :wink: :smiley:

Yeah - I had to go down to city hall for something (and of course they are on vacation - F***!), so I just had to check. Yup, plenty of water :o. I suppose it’s a fitting way to celebrate a wind-surfer’s achievement, too :slight_smile: Didn’t have time to jump in and say hi! to the fish from you, though!

Don’t care about football!? Eh, nobody’s perfect :wink:

P.S. let’s see if one of our atheletes still in contention can bag a third Israeli medal during a single olympics - that’ll be a first, too!


You have no idea! :slight_smile: Nice to have no politics on the front page of the newspaper for once :smiley: AND seven (count 'em!) pages of sports in the news section!

(although, come to think of it, after the latest Oscar awards broohaha, I suppose you actually do have an idea… :))


Don’t remind me! :slight_smile:

This must have been absolutely huge! Was windsurfing the medal hope in the games lead up or did this come as a real shock?

Just your basic, obligatory reference to Airplane!, but you probably already knew that. Interesting link, thanks.

Yay! How much of a Doper am I? One of my first thoughts on hearing that Israel had won its first gold was, “I wonder what Alessan will have to say?”

Congratulations! It was incredibly moving to see the Israeli flag raised and to hear Hatikvah.

While I commend the windsurfer and Israel on their first ever gold medal winner, I was a little shocked to see this was the main story on the cover of today’s (hardcopy) St. Petersburg (Florida) Times. Slow news day, perhaps? There was a nice story to column from the Sports Editor to go with it and there is a higher than average concentration of Jewish folks here, so I guess that’s why they went with it.

Anyway, Congratulations! May many more come your way!

Oh, man. I would’ve loved to have seen that.

Mazel tov to all the Israelis out there.

In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been so surprised. Friedman had taken bronze in Atlanta and won the world championship last year, so he went into the Games as a clear leader. Still, nobody actually believed, or dared to believe, that this kind of thing could happen. Too many years of failure have a way of keeping peoples’ hopes way down.

Man… last night at eight, there wasn’t a car on the street.