Finally! New Guns N’ Roses album on Nov. 23

I’ll believe it when I see it but here’s the link:

This album is going to be soooooo underwhelming.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

But, I’d sure like to get that free Dr. Pepper.

It’s really not “Guns N’ Roses” anymore so much as “Axl’s vanity project”.

No Izzy, no Slash, no GnR.

I’ll believe it when the cd is in my player and I am actually hearing Axel singing.

This makes me kind of sad. I loved Appetite and outright loathed everything else GnR did. I kind of enjoyed the mockery factor of Bill taking a forever to “perfect” the new album.

Even though I won’t give it a moment’s listen, I do hope its good for the sake of the few fans who have held out hope. It would be shame to wait 10 years for something awful.

It’s going to be dual packaged with a copy of Duke Nukem Forever that’s playable on the Phantom gaming system. :wink:

We all laugh, but there’s growing evidence that Duke Nukem Forever will be released in the next six months too.

Then what long-running in-development game and CD will demand our snarky dollar?

I’m wondering if Chinese Democracy tanks, if we’ll see a reunion of the original lineup (whether Steven Adler of Matt Sorum’s the drummer). It happened with The Police where Sting swore up and down he’d never reunite the group.

I, too, liked Appetite but…

At this point isn’t this about as socially relevant as a new Monkey’s album?

[sup]If it actually comes out that is.[/sup]

Don’t get your hopes up. Some friends heard it two years ago when they met him at a party, and he had brought along a copy to play. They though it sucked.