Finally saw X-Men 2...

…and I must say; German, deeply-religious Catholic Nightcrawler was the BEST THING I EVER SAW! Is he like that in the comics, and does he have his own series? I hope they decide to give him his own movie…

Calm down, it will be OK.

I’m not sure how he is in the comics* now, but he is getting his own series soon.

*Though his Ultimate X-Men character is a bit different - much more sauve and worldly. Almost James Bondish.

The X-men comic book didn’t bring it up too often, but Nightcrawler was (is?) deeply religious.

It’s strange considering that his mother, Mystique, is a mutant lesbian terorrist (in the comic, she uses her shapechanging ability to assume the shape of a woman much younger than she is actually), his father was (from what I’ve heard) recently revealed to be an extradimensional demon, and Nightcrawler was adopted from infancy by a very demonic-looking sorceress, Marlgail Szardo, and raised among gypsies! Where the devout catholicism came in is actually the biggest mystery about him! The fact that he had a longtime romance with a woman who turned out to be his magically-imbued sister (by adoption, the girlfriend was Marlgali’s biological daughter) only complicated the matter further.

This is what you get when a succession of too many writers try re-writing comic book history too often.

Yes…well…depending on the writer (and possibly the series, I don’t know what he’s like in the Ultimate universe). He was a priest for a time (although, IIRC, that turned out badly…).

He’s significantly fuzzier, less scarrified, and usually less guilt-ridden, though.

Nightcrawler was always my favorite X character alongside Colossus and Archangel.

From what I remember of him in the comics, he’s deeply religious but is more of an informal Catholic than one too preoccupied with sin. For instance, he was quite the ladie’s man and was always hitting on any cute girl that was near him.

He did eventually become a priest though. Not sure if he still is.

I thought he was an ancient and powerful mutant, and not literally a demon?

Now, Mystique is Nightcrawler’s biological mother…wasn’t she also, for a time, Rougue’s adopted mother, or something to that effect? I seem to remember that it was Mystique who forced Rogue into permanantly absorbing Ms. Marvel’s powers, but I may be wrong.

Yes, yes, and yes.

He was living in a monastery for some time before joining the X-men. Grantred, his background is peculiar, but doesn’t really contradict itself like so many other characters.

In the comic, Mystique is Rogue’s stepmother. She adopted her after Rogue ran away from her original family. Rogue was a junior member of Mystique’s incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, akin to Kitty Pryde’s “trainee” status in the X-men back then. (Fellow ‘Evil Mutant’ Destiny was Mystique’s lover, but there never seemed to be the same relationship between Rogue & Destiny, Rogue didn’t have two mommies! :slight_smile: ) I don’t think Mystique made Rogue attack Ms. Marvel. IIRC, Mystique had a grudge against Ms. Marvel, and Rogue went after her to prove she could be just as capable a terrorist as the rest of her ‘momma’s’ group. Of course she wasn’t as capable, and hence accidentally absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers permanently.

Little known comic book trivia: Mystique, Sabertooth & Deathbird were all originally villains in Ms. Marvel’s short-lived solo series in the late '70s. It ran a little less than two years. (That series was also written by Claremont.)

but as a Bavarian, he should have said :cool: Grüß Gott!
:eek: :smiley:

Alan Cumming is the man, but I’m not sure how The Mutant Apostle would work as a movie. Or The Passion of the Blue Guy. But he was a very good character, and hopefully we’ll see more from him if a certain Oscar-winning bit of dead weight has priced herself out of X3. If there is an X3.

You better not be talking about Anna Paquin. Oh, you mean the other female Oscar winner on the cast? OK. But after her recent bomb don;t you think her salary demands would be pretty low? Maybe? Hopefully?

I don’t know, if they plan on going with the Phoenix storyline they almost need Storm in the pic to serve as the female friend who helps her deal with the changes… though I suppose they could focus more on Cyclops taking on that end of things.

I wasn’t.

The IMDB movie news wrote that
“Halle Berry may not be reprising her role in the second X- Men sequel - because she’s reportedly “priced herself out.””

There’s more, but the writing style makes me embarrassed to admit I read it. :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as we get Gambit in X3, preferably played by Johnny Depp or Harry Connick, Jr.!

Forget Gambit, we need to expand Colossus’ role and make him into a full-fledged character in X3 like they did with Iceman in X-Men/X2.

Nightcrawler too! And introduce Archangel!