Finally - SCL's kitty pics!

I’ve started an album that I hope will let you see some of my furbabies. I got shots of 7 of the 8 - Lt. Dax was hiding during the photo shoot.

If this works, thanks to EddyTeddyFreddy for the instructions. If it doesn’t, it means I screwed up somehow and will try again!

It worked! What a nice batch of kitties. I like Sugar looking down on the world. Every cat should have a nice perch.

That ledge runs at various levels around two walls of the room. Since it runs directly above the office door, they like to hang out there and bat my head as I leave the office.

Your babies are beautiful! I love the cat suite - I know my cat would love to have something like that on which to roam about.

Wow, your Mr. Spock looks a lot like my Bo! Bo knows the flash and I rarely get a face picture - even if I don’t use the flash he closes his eyes or turns his head…I guess after 16 years of getting his picture taken he’s learned.

This is also a rare picture of all my cats at once.

Congratulations! How neat to have the wall perches. My guys would love them.

When we moved into this house, I decided to convert the garage into a cat suite because there really isn’t a way to close off the kitchen in the house. I decided to make the suite as comfortable and fun as possible for them, and to put my office into the former room so I would spend a lot of time with them. I did all of the construction myself, and had a lot of fun playing with power tools!

They seem happy out here, and only Yogi tries to make a break for it and get into the rest of the house. That’s because I’ve spoiled him and sometimes let him come in and sleep with us. When he gets in, he runs straight for the bedroom.

Oscar and Emmy wanted me to ask you if they could come over for a play date with your cats :D. (They saw the pictures of the cat suite :wink: ).

Cute babies! Sugar Maggie looks like a sweetheart.


Cute kitties. Is Mr. Spock a tabby or a flame-point Siamese? He looks a lot like my guy Opie, who’s a flamey. (Other cat is my lynx point Lily).


Mr Spock came from the local Humane Society. I had long wanted a flame point cat (since I’m a redhead) but had decided against buying another purebred cat. (My only purebred is Valentino, who was a Valentine’s Day gift from Mr. SCL.) After bottleraising and/or fostering many homeless kittens, I just couldn’t buy a kitten that would get a home without any help from me.

So I’m at work at the vets office one morning, and I hear her before they open the doors to the clinic; (this is a translation) “Plenty hungry noooooooow!! Plenty pissed off noooooooooooow! Somebody’s gonna pay for this!” In one of the Humane Society carriers, brought in for her spay surgery, is a beautiful flame point female. Her voice tells me there is definitely some Siamese in her family tree, but she’s not a purebred and…she’s already adopted.


I ask the worker who brought the kittens & puppies in for surgery if there were any more flamepoints in that litter. He doesn’t know, but will check and have someone call me. I got a call later that afternoon - there are two flamepoint males and a solid black female left from that litter.

This is on Wednesday, and my day off is Friday. I beg the lady to hold one of the flamepoints for me. She says she will “try”. I go to the Humane Society first thing Friday morning and there are no flamepoint kittens anywhere to be seen. Disappointed, I ask for the lady who had said she would try to hold one. She takes me in back - she had held both of them so I could have my pick! (::kisses to you, Greta!!::slight_smile: I looked without opening the kennel for a few minutes, and had decided on the one that had the longer hair. I opened the kennel, and Mr. Spock (not the one I had picked) leaped out and climbed me. What could I say?

Best choice I (n)ever made! He’s a wonderful fatboy, who sits up and begs for attention. It’s also funny that he had been known to say “AFLAC” which is hilarious because the owners of my local hockey team are the one of the sons of the founder and his wife. If I can ever get it on tape, I’m rich! (Altho Shelby Amos says the cat just wants the duck!)

Cute cats, and cute story about Mr. Spock! Having that many cats around must mean a lot of vaccuuming though, eh? :slight_smile:

That’s another reason for the cat suite! This house has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, den, kitchen, mud room and laundry room. I hate vacumning. Keeping them in the suite means I don’t have to vacumn the entire house every day!

Can I ask what colour Gwen was when she was a kitten ? Was she darker ? We’ve recently acquired an obstensibley ‘black’ kit but he’s quite brownish in the sun and seems to have faint black/dark grey zebra strpes on his legs and cheeks, we’re wondering if he may turn more tabby as he grows up.

Cute cats and cool suite! Love the picture of Maggie!


Gwen is a “dilute tortiseshell” grey with some orange and some white. She was this color even as a baby.

You may be able to feel differences in the texture of the stripes on your kitten. I know some breeds “darken” as they age (Siamese for example) but I don’t know of any that get lighter. Of course, I’m not a vet! Or an expert, by any means!

Nothing like this then ? This is “Pepsi, the smallest kitten in the world”. Almost impossible to photograph are the stripes I mentioned earlier. His fur, at 8 weeks (as mentioned here , not our fault he’s already been taken from mum) he still seems to have kitten fluff altho’ he may turn out to be shaggy.

Lovin’ the kitties! How many do you have? I lost count when you beat my grand total of 4.

I have a grand total of 8. 7 are pictured in the album - Lt. Dax was hidden all day that day and I didn’t get any shots of her. Next time I get my hands on the camera, I’ll add some.

And Pepsi is adorable!

They’re so pretty! Wonderful pictures.