New Additons to my Family . . .

. . . And no, I’m not pregnant, so the few of you who know me IRL can stop hyperventilating now.

Last year, while living with my (now ex-)boyfriend, we got two cats. Last week, I moved into my new apartment, and watched my cat look very lonely. My new roomate has wanted to get a cat, so off we trundled to the SPCA.

[tangent] I hate the SPCA. It makes me want to cry everytime I go there. [/tangent]

My roomate was set on a kitten, until we actually stepped into the cat room. Curled up on top of each other were a pair of two-year-old littermates. Beautiful grey-and-orange tortoiseshells. Huge orange eyes.

We wanted them. Both of them. If only to save them from the fool who named them ‘Lulu and Lili’.

Being Pratchetteers both, we’ve named them Eskarina and Gytha.
I think if I’m not too groggy tonight, I’ll break out the webcam and post some pics.

Awww…That’s sweet. I’ve never been able to decide whether I like Nanny Og or Granny Weatherwax better. I’m glad you didn’t have to choose. (No Greebo, though, right?)

I felt the same way about shelters, till I saw the San Francisco SPCA. oldscratch took me there when I first got to SF and I was all prepared to be sad looking at all the homeless pets.

The place is like luxury housing for animals! It’s great. I cant’ say enough wonderful things about the SF SPCA. The animals all have their own “rooms” with real furniture and comfy chairs, and volunteers that visit. Some rooms even have TV’s in them! It was amazing.

Congrats on the new kitty!

I hyperventilated.

Did you find your cat again?