Finally, someone asks a Simpsons question!

I was just watching the 138th episode spactacular, and the trivia question came up before a commercial break: What two popular characters died in the last year? Answer: Bleeding Gums Murphy, and Dr. Marvin Monroe.

I remember the death of Bleeding Gums, which ushered in the ‘Lisa Episode’ (A sub-par, Lisa-centric episode, which usually ends with Lisa learning a valuable lesson about life, her personal philosophies, vegetarianism, her family… snore snore. What? Sorry, I nodded of for a minute. Sorry about the rant).

Anyhow, does anyone know when Monroe died? I don’t ever remember seeing the episode, no one else I know has either. Anyone here? I would love a cite, but would settle for an episode description.:o

I’m not sure, but I don’t think it happened “on camera.” I think they just made it up for that episode.

It didn’t happen in an episode.

If memory serves, those two are specifically not the answer. Ah, yes, here’s the quote:


We know before that episode, but you are right tht it doesn’t happen “on camera.” We find out he’s dead after seeing the “Dr. Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital” in an earlier episode.

It did not happen on camera, but on more than one occaison, the sign in front of the hospital identifies it as Dr. Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital.

I think they realized his voice was enough to render most humans and small woodland creatures permanently sterile.

Dr. Hibbert and Dr. Riviera had him rubbed out.

Yessss… that’s it…

Dr. Nick and Dr. Hibbert…

Heh heh heh.

Bleeding Gums Murphy dies in the episode when Bart swallows the jagged metal Krusty-O and has to have his appendix removed afterward. Dr. Marvin Monroe’s death was a more off camera one.

The earliest we hear about this is in the episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two. Kent Brockman reports that Mr. Burns was rushed to a nearby hospital (The Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital) after he was shot, where he was pronounced dead. He was then transferred to a better hospital (Springfield General), where his condition was upgraded to “alive.”

Later in the same episode, a police dispatch reports, “Homer Simpson has been sighted. Proceed at once to Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital.”

So Monroe must have died before the events of the shooting of Mr. Burns. That’s all we know.

In the last year? Didn’t Murphy and Monroe die years ago?

That is the question as it was asked in the episode.