FINALLY: The Office Season 2 starts on BBCA tonight

The Office is the funniest show in the English language. I love the Simpsons, I love Southpark, I love Seinfeld, I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, I love the Larry Sanders Show, and I love Mr. Show with Bob and David.

It’s a hard call, and maybe not even a fair call given that I’ve only seen 6 episodes of it. But I still think the Office may be the funniest show ever.

And FINALLY BBCAmerica is showing the second season in the US, starting TONIGHT!

The second series has already been shown over here (UK). I can promise you are in for a treat.

We are getting a one-off Christmas special over here. Hopefully you should be able to see that as well. This is supposed to be the end of The Office for ever.

Ok. It was good. Many of the awkward silences (after the Brentmeister general said something in unbelievably poor taste) were extremely funny.

And it was interesting to see the transformation that Tim has gone through now that he is senior sales rep or whatever he is.

But it wasn’t uproariously funny the way some (all?) of the episodes from the first season are. Maybe it’s just laying groundwork for the rest of season 2.

Still a good episode and a great show. Maybe I just had my hopes up too high.

Keep watching. It builds over the whole second series to ‘Comic Relief Day’ - a real fundraising event that takes place every 2 years.
A sequence in this episode has won all manner of awards and has repeatedly been voted the funniest moment in British Television.
If that doesn’t build your hopes up…

See the interview with Ricky Gervais, the co-creator and “boss” at

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re stopping after 2 1/2 seasons.