Well, I am 26 years old, living in Northern Cali, and just now, this morning, managed to finally get my drivers license. I had never had it previously, I didn’t do anything to get my license (or getting of one) delayed at all… I just never had it.

But this morning, after a bout of nerve-induced Nausea, I managed to not only take my drivers test, but managed to score a perfect no errors!!!

So, Tristan is mobile baby… get the hell off the roads!!!

thanks for the warning.

Congrats btw.

Get off the roads? Hell, get off the sidewalks!


Oh, wait, you’re in NoCal. 1000 miles away from me, 2500 miles away from Chikkiboo…Carry on. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get my license until I was twenty-four, and I heard all those same jokes. I scored a 96 out of a 100, but my first two tries were automatic fails (long sad stories).

Stay safe and have fun!


Tristan, I am proud of you. I’m another who didn’t get a license till I was 24. I learned on SoCal freeways.

Doesn’t it feel great? When and where is your first real journey going to be?

Well, I was thinking of a drive to Montana to visit a friend, but she looks to be coming here… so my first real drive may be for the NorCAl meets SoCal Dopefest…

I hope!

I am 18 1/2 by the way… and still no time to get driving lessons… last time I drove was when I was twelve… on the supermarket parking space :smiley:

Go here to see my congratulations to you:
(typos included)


thanks… although, I suppose if one wants to take your name at it’s literal meaning here in the States, you shouldn’t have much of a problem… hehehehe