Financial Planning for Tony Soprano

Tony is a psychopath. No how, no way he has provided for Carmen and kids after he is locked up or sleeping with the fishes. Still, lets assume the guy could plan ahead. What sort of financial instruments would be untouchable by the Feds?

I presume life insurance would be very good. No matter how tainted the premium money was, I think the payout would be OK. What about an annuity that pays AJ a certain sum until he is out extorting on his own two feet?

Swiss banks accounts? Fantasy stuff. Darn hard to access the cash unless you want to fly through JFK with a suitcase full of Franklins.

Real estate, bank accounts, safe-deposit boxes all can be seized. Carmen will be down to the kniple in the secret minestrone can stash.

Your thoughts?

There are those Krugerrands that were mentioned. Gold is plenty fungible.

But if Tony hides them where the Feds can’t find them, can Carm find them?

A gentle bump, I think it is a good question.

He’s got cash hidden in/and around the house.
But most of Carmella’s living expenses will (well would have) been taken care of by the likes of Silvio, Bobby, and Paulie.
I could even Little Carmine inviting her down to Florida to mooch of him for a few years.
Most likely she’d end up marrying back into the business soon after.

There was that episode a few seasons back where Carm stole some of Tony’s cash lying around the house and opened a brokerage account. If that account was only in her name, it might not be seized by the feds. And who knows, she could have been stealing Tony’s cash and depositing it piecemeal for years.

Maybe he has deal where she can work at the Bing any time she wants? :wink:

I’m not sure but couldn’t the Feds say that the money came from illegal means?

If Tony set up accounts in the Caymans and Carm knew which bank, she could be set.

What about Big Pussy’s widow or the widow of the gay mobster (the one that got the pool stick suppository)? I thought they were having financial problems.

They talked a lot in the show about it, they’ve been arguing recently about how Tony hasn’t provided a safety net. He claims that he has, and there is probably a way for her to access his buried loot if she needs to. Tony is clearly a multimillionaire who is a high enough roller that he can get a private jet sent to fly him to Vegas, remember those flights cost tens of thousands per leg of the trip.

Carmella has recently taken matters into her own hands, but I have the feeling that Tony has done less to take care of her than he likes to think. The simplest way to do it would be to have safe deposit boxes around the country with either burial maps or offshore account access codes. I doubt Tony is sophisticated enough to have offshore accounts setup for her, but his lawyer might have sealed info for her.

I missed season 2, so I’m fuzzy on alot of Big Pussy’s doings. Vito’s wife, however, is a different subject altogether. He was related to Phil, but working for Tony, so who was going to take care of the family became wasn’t very clear.

Carmella, however, is the bosses wife, and I think people (Little Carmine, Furio etc) would be happy to help her out. Like I said before, it would have been Silvio’s job to take care of her, so I’m not sure who would do it now.