Find a Dead Ringer for Adolf Hitler (images)

In the tantalizing thread Is it okay to tell a stranger they look like someone famous? the issue has come up that one should refrain from pointing out that someone has a very strong resemblance to someone else that would be less than flattering.

With that as a premise, and reviving a theme we had some time ago with “Who does this guy look like?” where some random image was posted and we all tried to decide which celebrity that picture most resembled, let’s see if we can find an internet image that is Adolf Hitler incarnate.

It ought to go without saying that pictures of Hitler himself ought to be off limits for the purpose at hand.

How about him?

Sorry, I just wanted to be the one to get that joke out of the way. Good idea for a thread. I’ll come back with a serious response after some pondering.

There’s a whole website for that.

Rats, messed up my coding… trying again…

I’m particularly fond of this guy.

Good try!

Those threads I alluded to in the OP:

Who does this guy remind you of?
03-27-2009, 03:45 PM
Tours d’Argent

And who does THIS guy remind you of?
03-27-2009, 04:12 PM

Yeah, I do suppose I should have specified Human Being. Such an oversight!

Nothing against the man, but sometimes it looks like David Axlerod is trying to look like Hitler. Not a dead-ringer, but the haircut and moustache combo puts him in the territory.

I see a bit of resemblance, but more Frank Langella than Hitler.

Bruno Ganz made a convincing Hitler in the movie that all those YouTube takeoffs are based on. Even Alec Guinness.

I guess simply doing this is cheating?

Not at all. Especially if you use that approach to locate THE guy you think is the best one.

Nice site, by the way. New to me.

Google is new to you?

Bob Newhart did a comedy bit about looking like Hitler.

Pretty much. I stick with Yahoo! mostly.

It’s hard to beat Charlie Chaplin.

Here he is again.

Or Moe.

this is weird, why are you so into hitler

OP. Clues.

I hadn’t been to that website in about ten years (it may even be a new site now). I of course had to buy the tee shirt “The Furred Reich”. Two of them.

You owe me fifty bucks :slight_smile: