Finding Career Opportunities

People, I think I must be missing some important places to look for career opportunities. I’ve been checking out Monster and CareerBuilder and Craigslist and some other sites, but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on the bidding for the job that I know is out there that I want.

Aside from picking a specific handful of companies & stalking their corporate career sites daily while hoping they post something that meets my skillset, where else can I look for good job leads?

So you are looking at Craigslist, Monster, and Careerbuilder huh??

Well so are several hundred thousand other people just like you.

Recommendation from someone who hires:

Take the initiative to learn the name of the person who hires at a company you want to work for. Write them a cover letter and send them your resume. Direct it to their attention, address them by name. Walk it into the office if you are able or send it to them directly.** EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT HIRING!!!**

If you have a specialized skill set and you send them a resume thay may read it and think to themselves “…well Nancy has been on her way out for maternity leave and will not be coming back, this guy/gal can fill her spot nicely, I’ll call them…”

Or they may simply like your enthusiasm and tact and decide to give you a call.

My first course of action when hiring someone is to call a colleague and see if they know anyone, then I go to the papers, then … I wait. I have not used monster or career builder in quite some time. Not that they are bad sites, but I do not have the time or patience to go through the flood of resumes I will be getting. Then again I live only close to a medium sized city, and the people I look for all have a specialized skill set. I like when someone takes initiative.

I haven’t looked for work for a long time, but I always had good luck by attending job fairs. Dress well, bring well presented resume, be outgoing.