Finding Marmite in Canada

I’ve never had it before, but I want to try a small jar. Something about goopy, yeasty beer paste really appeals to me, so I’m hoping I’ll like it.

I’ve already tried the grocery store behind my house. AND the local European deli, which is far more German than anything else. No luck.

Any suggestions?

I’ve seen it (and Vegemite) on the shelves of huge, well-stocked supermarkets–try a Superstore, if you have one nearby.

Where do you live? I’ve had no problems finding it in any large Canadian grocery store.

If there’s a “British Store” nearby they’ll probably have it. Along with Flake bars and crazy flavoured chips. Mmmm, roasted chicken crisps. Plus they’re sure to have Will and Kate plates, cups, flags, tea towels . . .

Ottawa. Have yet to try Superstore/loblaws. Next stop, I guess!

And no, Gregorio. There’s Italian grocery stores, Chinese ones, pan-oriental, Arabic, Indian, German, Hungarian. But I’ve NEVER seen a British one. May just have to look harder though. :confused:

I"ve seen it regularly at the local Safeway.

Sometimes British import stores are masquerading as other things… one Canadian town I lived in had a British sweet shop. I only found out after years of walking past it that it carried loads of British products, like Marmite and canned Spotted Dick and all sorts of weird, wonderful, giggle-inducing things.

I always see Marmite on the shelves but I never see Vegimite. If I like Vegimite will I like Marmite?

Someone told me to check out “The Irish and Scottish store,” which I though sold mostly Shillelaghs and kilts. Your point is well taken! :slight_smile:

So I found it at Loblaws!! Strangely enough.

The reason I didn’t find it the first time around was because it wasn’t in the aisle with the jams and peanut butter and such…it was in the spice aisle next to baker’s yeast! Now I know. :slight_smile:

It’s really salty. I think I put too much on my toast.

If you’re not indoctrinated into one or the other, I suspect you will. I just had Vegemite for the first time a few months ago after years and years of Marmite, and I might just say that I prefer it to Marmite. I think they’re both wonderful, yeasty spreads, although Vegemite is a little less sweet and a little easier to deal with (it’s not as thick and syrupy as Marmite. It’s more like a thick peanut butter in texture.)

Just a thin skim is enough, generally. Did you try it alone, or with butter and/or peanut butter?

Try the Scottish and Irish store in Bells Corners. I believe they have it.

ETA: Never mind. I see you found it.

I just put a big schmear of it on its own onto my toast!

You definitely need some fat to go along with it. A big schmear is fine if you’re used to it (I use pretty thick amounts myself), but it doesn’t taste right without some butter or other fat to complement it.

Sorry - I should have mentioned that. At Safeway, it’s always in the spice section.

For anyone who likes the unique flavor of marmite, I highly recommend twiglets. It’s my favorite snack food ever.

I just looked these up. Why have I never heard of them? Next time I’m in the UK, I’ll have a look out for them.

Well they have lots of oil shales, perhaps you could try drilling?