Finding the original person who "pinned" something on Pinterest.

I’m trying top find the original person who took the shot and pinned it. But when I click around I just keeping getting sent from board to board that has included that pin. Is there a way to see who took the shot and pinned it originally?


Not Pinterest specific, but searching the URL in Google or using (both may give slightly different results). These allow you to find the earliest copy of an image.

Thanks, but that doesn’t work at all. In fact, the results seem random. I think the problem is that I’m looking for an image that is just part of a page. Seems like Pinterest should allow you to at least see the original board it was posted to.

I’ve used Google image search many times to hunt down a specific image but I didn’t see any way of finding its earliest posting. How do you do it?

Never mind.

A lot of the results are crap reposts/scammy sites. You need to do a little sleuthing, you can change the sort to by date.

Paste the URL in the search bar. Above the results it says “For matching images, try search by image.” After that, you might want to e.g. relax the size restrictions, and you can search before a certain date etc.