how to find an original image on google

Ack, Pinterest!

I’m thinking about painting my stairs, as in, painting pictures on the risers, for fun. So I look up images of such and find one particularly intriguing. I would like to know who painted this, in case they have done other interesting things, but there is no attribution. A google search turns up just Pinterest over and over in many languages. Who originally posted the photo? I don’t know how to find out.

Does anyone?

Put the image in TinEye.

It’s $300 to sign up. I don’t want to know that bad.

No it’s free. Link:

Put your image in the appropriate space.

thank you. I was on the wrong page obviously.

The Image search engine is a primary tool when you need something found on the internet like finding images or item that look similar to what you are looking for and it may look like the original.