Finding yourself in Chattanooga on New Year's Eve? Let me give you a recommendation...

These guys will not disappoint! I have seen them twice now (Palm Springs in 2010, and in Vegas two months ago), and these guys will keep you on your feet all night long. Call it “Innuendo Funk/R&B”, the music will make you and your SO dance, sweat and hollah…the ladies seem to like the subtle raunchiness of the show, which in turn is a good thing for us guys later on in the night (verified by the wife!).

The crowd is usually about 500 people…as young as 21, and even a few drawing Social Security. You can stay in the front of the band or lounge in back or sides depending on your anticipated activity level. The group has about 12 guys in total, but 8 or 9 usually tour. Very solid players…the horn section is always tight, Spaz is great on keyboards, and half of them sing and harmonize quite well…an added dimension. The only downside is that Oozie Mummy has left the band to pursue other opportunities, so his horn and voice will be somewhat missed…still leaves 3 or 4 other vocalists though.

Crowd friendly too…they usually start off with this entry/song and a couple of them like to go into the crowd and canoodle with the women. Other crowd favorites…Fenk Shui, and you can find other songs listed from those two videos. All of the songs are upbeat and festive and fun…what NYE is usually all about.

No, I am not being paid to spam…I’m just a fan…doing the Horizontal Mambo. Enjoy!