Finger Wound

I have what looked like an abscess on my finger, but when my Doctor opened it up to drain it, a gel-like substance drained (clear in color). All seemed to be well, but it keeps filling up and I “pop” it. Obviously, an infection of some sort would cause pus to drain, but what causes a gelatinous drainage and what at-home remedies can be used to treat it? I hate to keep opening up the wound, but the pressure becomes painful.

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Well you could always take the old testament biblical route, if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.

Cut the finger off. The wound will definitely stop filling up with puss then.

How odd! What did the doctor say?

Actually, that’s from the New Testament.

Keep a bandaid on it, it will help with drainage and keep the pressure off of it.

Your best bet if it persists is to go back to the doctor, if it is an infection there should be these signs heat, swelling, redness, drainage and pain. if it is an infection it will either get better on its own or your immune system will not be able to handle it and it will get worse and worse till you get it treated. Go back to the doctor before you have to get it amputated, home remedies are for most part garbage.

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Sometimes the contents of an abscess are gelatinous. It’s the plasma - the liquid part of your blood - and the clotting factors which “thicken” the plasma. If it’s clear, it’s not infected. If it’s yellow or green or blue or grey or white like cottage cheese, then it may be infected.

If it gets hot, red, you see streaks coming off of it up your hand or you develop a fever, then you should get yourself to the ER right away. Those are signs of a serious infection that needs IV antibiotics before it spreads through your blood.

That being said, if you want to try an old home remedy that I’ve had success with in the past, grate up some a fresh carrot and press the gratings over the area. Use some gauze and tape to make a bandage over it. Change out the carrot dressing three times a day. I don’t know the exact mechanism of action, but this will often “draw” an abscess out.